How to choose the furniture for the bathroom?

How to choose the furniture for the bathroom?

If you think the biggest challenge in the renovation of a bathroom is searching for a suitable toilet, bath or sink, then you haven’t moved on to the next stage. And, accordingly, have not thought out how to choose the furniture in the bathroom. But depending on the size of the room here can fit a vanity under the sink, a simple cabinet under the sink, shelves, or narrow cabinets, hanging shelves (open/closed), mirror, holders for towels, a Laundry basket, a stool or folding chair. And when the time comes, the it is very difficult for the owner of the apartment to make a choice among the various offers between manufacturers of cabinets and vanities.

The types of furniture depending on the material:

  1. Natural Plywood and MDF.

Today, virtually all the furniture for the bathroom is made from these materials. This is due to the low cost of products and a wide range of colors. If you don’t pay too much attention to the water resistance of the cabinets and ensure good ventilation, the decision is optimum on a ratio “price/quality”. If the furniture is made up of simple geometric shapes with smooth surfaces, you can use plywood. Only it is better to choose a model with a water-resistant coating. But what’s made of MDF can have curved (convex/concave) facades, which, moreover, are much stronger than plywood. In any case, you need to check the quality of these materials in order not to buy furniture that will be ruined in a week’s stay in the room with high humidity and temperature.

  1. Natural wood.

No one will argue that the wooden furniture is beautiful, environmentally friendly and is of high quality. However, its main drawback is the price that changes minds of even lovers of classical, ethnic or environmental styles. Despite special water-repellent coating, the furniture from solid wood does not tolerate humid and hot air in the bathroom well, reminiscent of the “tropical jungle”. Therefore, wooden furniture is the solution only to the spacious bathrooms with well-functioning ventilation.

Its main advantage is its low cost compared to other materials. However, there are other advantages. It is possible to make furniture facades of almost any shape. Plastic is not afraid of moisture, so it is perfect for the bathroom. Manufacturers produce models in a variety of colors that can satisfy even the most capricious owner of the apartment. Unfortunately, there are significant disadvantages: not very strong and the short-lived plastic is quickly scratched, and special coatings easily peel off or crack (many know how terribly looks peeled off gilded plastic fittings). It is up to you whether the pros outweigh the cons.

An interesting solution for interior bathroom is provided with special surface treatments, preventing corrosion. However, metal shelves and racks are suitable for modern styles, while it is better to choose wooden structures for lovers of classical interiors. Metal furniture is rare and more expensive.

  1. Glass furniture.

For designing of the premises use only tempered glass with non-acute surfaces. Despite the fact that transparent surfaces visually expand small bathrooms, glass furniture in a small room can bring more harm than good. Even tempered glass can be broken by careless handling of furniture. In this case, the alternative can be side cabinets and cabinets of a transparent or translucent colored Plexiglas. Another thing to ponder about is the aesthetic appearance of the furniture in transparent boxes. All the contents are visible which, sometimes, you want to hide from prying eyes.

What coating can be used for moisture-proof furniture made of Plywood/MDF?

  1. Adhesive tape.

It is recommended to abandon this option, despite its low price and attractive (at first) looks. The film coat can be of any color scheme that attracts buyers, but it will begin to peel off right away. Then, the furniture completely loses its suitable look. This is the case, when the miser will have to pay twice.

  1. Acrylic sheet.

Furniture pasted with thin acrylic sheets looks interesting and quite suitable for difficult “climatic conditions” of the bathroom. But this is true only for the high quality acrylic paneled side cabinets or cabinets. Before buying, check all of the joints of sheets that need to be carefully smeared with liquid acryl. Only in this case the cracks will not be exposed to moisture, plywood / MDF will not swell and warp, and the furniture will retain its original appearance.

  1. Veneer coating.

To make furniture similar to natural wood and thus to reduce the cost of the cabinets, facades from a plywood or MDF are covered with veneer, a thin wood coating that mimics the natural colors and pattern of the wood. However, don’t forget to carefully check the joints for good waterproofing.

  1. Enamel and lacquer.

A practical solution for bathroom furniture. Because such a coating gives the surface a nice shine, the necessary shade, increases resistance to temperature changes and mechanical stress. Suitable for furniture in any style. Lacquered facades are cheaper than veneer or acrylic.

How to choose the right furniture for the bathroom:

5 practical tips

  1. Choose side cabinets and cabinets that are made for bathrooms and are characterized by high moisture resistance. The facades of such furniture are required to withstand the constant changes of humidity and temperature, exposure to household chemicals, etc. Otherwise, it is better to abandon the purchase of low-quality furnishings. Carefully examine joints, fittings, inner and outer surfaces.
  2. Choose furniture that matches the color and style of the plumbing and finishing materials. It is better to choose the side cabinets and cabinets before the beginning of the renovation in the bathroom (you can buy either a ready-made kit or order furniture according to the individual sizes).
  3. Size of the furniture needs to match the area of the bathroom. Extremely large furniture will not only be a hindrance in a small bathroom, but will also to look ridiculous. In small bathrooms it is better to install a tall, narrow cupboards or shelving, corner cabinets and hanging clothes baskets.
  4. You should not clutter up the whole bathroom with furniture, even if the bathroom is spacious. In this case, the functionality and conciseness creates beauty, and a surplus of lockers will transform the room into a storage room or a wardrobe closet. Buy only what is really necessary.
  5. Suspended cupboard models are much more convenient than the ones on the legs, especially if daily wet cleaning performed and the system “warm floor” is available. If you have already thought how to choose the furniture in the bathroom, don’t forget to remember that the bathroom has the same right to beautiful furniture and decor as any other room. At the same time, the closets and cabinets have to withstand mechanical, thermal and chemical impact, be durable, comfortable and match the overall style.