How to choose Shower Doors


When doing a bathroom renovation, an area that should not be overlooked is the shower door.  There is quite a large selection of shower doors on the market as well as the option for a custom door. Though the options are vast when it comes to shower doors the selection becomes a great deal more manageable when one already has in mind the kind of door they would need.  If an overall design for the bathroom has been chosen and one is aware of their budget choosing the shower door is a simple task.

Gathering ideas and inspiration will help you choose the shower door

The first step is determining the dimensions of the door needed. This should be measured from finished tile to finish tile to have the most accurate measurements for the door. Thought most doors do have an adjustable range of a couple of inches, it is always urged to have measurements to be accurate to avoid issues in installations.   If the shower is 5 feet or longer you have the option of going for a sliding shower door, anything smaller than 5 feet should usually only consider hinge based systems. One’s next concern should be the type of frame used in the design of the door. Hinge doors have an added option of completely framing less than sliding doors do not have. Depending on the height needed or if the height is an issue it will dictate the required thickness of glass for the door. The taller the door the thicker the glass will have to be to support its own weight. This is usually only an issue on taller frameless doors that rely on the glass itself instead of a metal frame.


After these initial thoughts on the specifications of the door needed you will quickly see your options more limited and more manageable. From this baseline, you then decide how much you are will to spend on a door for added features.  Such features range from having crystal clear glass (which requires a special manufacturing method to remove the green tint caused by iron in the glass) to built-in protection of the glass that keeps it clearer for longer.

It is always recommended to not try to install these doors yourself if you are not a specialist with experience. Though the task generally doesn’t take very it has little margin for error. If you have any questions about shower doors or need to be referred to a specialist who can install the doors for you please contact us at New Bathroom Style  718-412-3675 or