How to choose Interior doors for your home

Modern Interior Doors, How to choose Interior doors

How to choose Interior doors – not such an easy task as it might seem. The material, types of designs as well as the correct application to the design of the room. Doors are certainly an extremely important element of the design of any room and the household in general. After all, the door connecting two spaces should be in harmony with both premises, regardless of whether they are made in a common style or inspired by very different ideas.

Determine the material Fiberboard

Of course, the ideal option would be a door made of natural materials. It’s not just an aesthetic choice, but also the basis of longevity of a design element, and this figure may be more than cover the costs. In the matter of the choice of interior doors, the best choices are doors of solid wood or natural veneer. The high-quality coating is another point to which you should pay close attention. A quality coating helps prolong door service without them losing their attractive appearance. Pay attention to the fit of all elements of the door: there should be no unnecessary gaps in the joints of individual parts such as grilles, frames, inserts made of glass or other materials. Remember that the door box should be a seal, and if used in the decoration of glass – and then it should be enough quality to adequately make all operational aspects! Doors made of fiberboard, fiberboard, – a relatively cheap option. Unlike chipboard, which contains formaldehyde resins, eventually emit toxic fumes, Fiberboard – more environmentally friendly material. It is a plate made of pressed wood dust, wood particles wherein the slabs steamed during manufacture, and therefore speak of the production by a wet pressing.In the production of doors, Fiberboard ennobles, extruding special dyes. In addition, the material passes the amplification process, which also has a positive impact on its functional qualities.In general, the doors made of MDF are a good economical choice with a number of advantages: MDF doors are resistant to moisture and strong enough to last you a long time.


MDF is a great compromise between product price and quality. Not only that, MDF is an environmentally friendly material. So if you want the door to interesting decor, MDF perfectly copes with this task.MDF can be an excellent “filling” for the interior door. External finish in such a case can be made from wood veneer. If you are considering more budget options, you can go with artificial veneer or laminate.In addition to the advantages associated with the possible design refinements in the performance of the door leaf, MDF has other advantages, including moisture resistance, durability, practicality, resistance to deformation.

Solid wood

If you want the door to your apartment looked expensive and noble, long served you, and you are willing to pay for it, your choice – interior doors made of solid wood. The beautiful natural material, wood has a number of advantages; the strength of the structure, excellent adhesion to decoration materials, the reliability of fastenings, environmental friendliness, a wealth of design options.But the shortcomings of the material, unfortunately, is not deprived:  Low resistance to changes in temperature and moisture (must be high-quality coverage and proper care),  a large weight of the structure, involving the use of highly reliable and robust hardware.Most often, in mass production of the door of solid wood covered with thin sheets of wood veneer – for better moisture and heat resistance and longer service life. This task veneered wood doors cope perfectly!


Many modern styles such as high-tech or minimalism, do not favor natural materials such as wood or faux wood imitation paintings. Futurism similar style dictates the choice of completely different materials – metal, plastic, glass.In addition, the possibility of the decoration of glass paintings – multi-faceted! The combination of frosted glass with a conventional, stained glass, and sandblasting drawings – all this will help you to choose a truly unique door for a unique interior! Choosing the design of interior doors.There are many variants of interior doors, among which and classic swing, and more interesting design – sliding or folding.

Swing doors

Swing doors – the simplest and most familiar type of doors. The design of this door consists of a door cloth and a box. But even these most basic doors can now boast of some variety of options.This design and the type of opening are now used everywhere: in an interior, and as entrance doors.

Sliding doors

These popular at the moment type of door designs as the sliding doors came to us from Asia, where they were used since ancient times. Their main advantage is ergonomics. Sliding doors are able to fit into the same tiny room, not allowing you to save precious meters. Isolate the main benefits of the opening of the sliding type; space-saving allows not to waste space irrational manner, the safety of the structure,  stylish and fashionable design. The main disadvantages include the low sound and heat insulation, as well as higher costs compared with classic sliding doors. Anyway, the sliding doors – a stylish and modern embodiment of the interior doors. We offer you to get acquainted with interesting examples in our photo gallery:

Door Coupe

Coupe doors are in the sub-sliding doors, but they are a slightly different design from the classic type, but because we have highlighted as an independent group.The design of such doors is similar to the classic door wardrobes. But, of course, inner door-coupe doors differ from cabinets’ weight and strength. Also, do not forget about the presence of the handle and the lock.

Folding doors

The door-accordion can perfectly fit into the interior of the living room or bedroom, as well as to become an excellent option in the issue of zoning of the space (for example, separating the bedroom from the dressing room). The material in the manufacture of door-accordion is often used in wood or plastic, but other options are possible. The folding door design is a combination of several elements by means of movable hinges, and one of the ends of the rollers is provided with a door, moving along the guide as is the case with the classical sliding door.