Blossom Bathroom Faucet Model F01 120 01 Finish Chrome

Blossom Bathroom Faucet Model F01 120 01 Finish Chrome

How To Choose Bathroom Faucet?

A bath remodeling is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to renew their apartments. The faucet option can make a significant impact when you change your tiling, plumbing, lighting, tubs, and vanities. A widespread number of styles can confuse. But, fortunately, some specific steps can make a choice easier. The most important rule – is always to choose quality brands.

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Faucet installation types

First of all, you need to think about the installation of your new unit. If you are purchasing a new bathroom faucet, the simplest way is to choose the same installation method that the old one had. It is easy and quick – it will not harm your vanity, and plumbing and you’ll not need to make new holes. So, if you are going to keep things simple – mount a new faucet of the same type as the old unit.

However, there are more options available in faucet selection for renovators making their bathroom designs from the very beginning. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are searching for every available option or just replacing an old one. There are some specific types that you have to clarify first:


  • Single-hole: This type of faucet has just one spout and one handle combined into a single unit. The handle can control both hot and cold water. Only one predrilled hole is needed, hence the name – single hole faucet. One of the modern applications of this type of faucet is a motion sensor spout that doesn’t require touching the tap to control the water flow.
  • Triple-hole: Wide faucets consist of three separate pieces: two handles and a spot. Three respective holes must be made in your countertop as three particular details must be installed. The shared space between the handles is 8″. Make sure to check everything because different designs can require different dimensions.
  • Wall-mount: These kinds of faucets are usually mounted above the sink and the countertop right on the wall. It does not touch the sink. This style is lovely and convenient. Moreover, you can choose different kinds of bathroom vanities that will fit the style. Before buying, check the mounting distance to the sink, so the water will not splash.


Features of bathroom faucets

A further thing to consider – is faucet features. It is known that faucet configurations are not comprehensive. However, if you choose certain ones, they will have a significant influence on your bathroom’s overall design and style. There are two main features worth attention:

  • Arc height and reach: It is an important parameter that depends on the tasks of the faucet. If it’s only for hand washing and you have a tiny space in your bathroom – you can use a short one. But if you want to make it more functional – choose a higher one. But be careful so it won’t be too high that will cause a water splashing.
  • Handles number: Usually, there are two handles. One – for cold, another – for hot water. It is standard. But you also can simplify the look and use only one handle. It is also a question of convenience as some people find it easier to control the temperature with a single handle. There are also modern faucets that are “handsfree.”



Faucet Styles

After you have studied the essential characteristics of faucet installation, you may start considering the design. It will allow you to fit in a needed style set. For sure, you have to match the faucet with other furniture, colors, and bathroom accessories. So, here are the variations:

  • Old-school: Detailing handles and beautifully curved spouts are more common for this kind of faucet. It is also more likely to choose a brushed finish with traditional faucets. The look of the classic style – is timeless.


  • Transitional: transitional combines significant elements from both styles – modern and vintage. For example, minimalistic handles with a curved spout. It will fit you best if you can’t decide which design to choose. A compromise.


  • High-end: This contemporary aesthetic is all about clean lines and shiny surfaces. You’ll see more hard angles and geometric shapes when shopping for modern faucets. Some modern faucets also have high-tech features, like motion sensor technology.


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Bathroom Faucet Finish

A wide selection of colors and finishes are available on the market. Selecting a proper faucet finish can connect all the elements into a holistic design. From the shining surfaces to the worn look. The finish can change your bathroom look:  

Brushed chrome: This kind of finish is simple for the eye and has the additional benefit of obscuring marks and fingerprints. This feature of the brushed chrome finish makes it a good choice for busy commercial premises and households with heavy traffic and use. Brushed chrome has grown significantly in popularity recently and is now one of the most popular choices of finish for faucets and bathroom accessories.

Chrome: Chrome – beautiful and shining finish. Very popular in the bathroom furniture market. It has a slivery and shiny surface that makes it look almost like a mirror. It gives a bathroom an instant clarity new-look.

Bronze: Depending on the brand, “bronze finish” means different things. “Oil-rubbed bronze” can be a living finish, which means the finish will change over time and develop a patina as the item is used. Vintage bronze is a durable finish, which means the hardware won’t weather or change with use.

Black: Similar to regular chrome, black is a widespread option for modern faucet styles. It looks crisp and clean and helps to keep the minimalist look in the room. The same as bronze, the dark color of a faucet will fit out against the backdrop of a light sink.

Nickel: Nickel has a little bit warmer appearance than chrome, so it is suitable for bathrooms where you would like to implement those types of colors in your design. The warm tone is brought by gold undertones, which are present in most nickel faucets. Brushed nickel faucets have a softer finish and polished nickel – shiny.

Brass: Brass has a golden shine that instantly emerges in vintage style. If you’re going to create a vintage design in your bathroom, brass is your option.



Types of Kitchen Faucets

Bathtub Faucets

At the same time, we have mostly focused on the bathroom vanity, we cannot forget the other piece you might have in your bathroom – your bathtub unit. Some of the bathrooms have a “no-faucet” feature. Either because they have a shower panel or it’s a half-sized small bathroom. However, if you are trying to change all the accessories and fixtures here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Faucet size:the same issue as about sink faucet – you will need to decide how high will it be from the bathtub bottom, will it be on the way while you are bathing? Be sure to measure everything.
  • Faucet style: Most people choose to buy similar faucets in the sink and tub, but that’s obviously not a necessity. But, if you choose different styles, be sure you whether they will complement each other. The same finish – is a great possibility to tie all the things together.
  • Faucet type: Particular types of tubs need particular types of faucets. For instance, some are equipped with a diverter. There are also two main installation types (threaded or slip-on), so you should make sure you are getting the proper one.

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Other Questions

Buying bathroom faucets is all about features, design, and mounting. But there are a few other issues you will need to think about when choosing bathroom faucet:

  • Budget:The price of faucets can vary widely. So think about how much you are able to spend before the renovation started. Calculating everything will help you to get the best from a restricted amount. Always try to choose durable and high-quality units.
  • Shower fixtures: If there is a shower in your bathroom, you need to think about choosing faucet styles that won’t conflict with the showerhead or water controls.
  • Cleaning products: Ask the salesperson how to clean the chosen piece and ask for any available instructions from the manufacturers.

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