On this issue must have thought everyone who ever did the repair in the bathroom. How do you choose the toilet? Who’s ever done repair in the bathroom must’ve struggled with this issue. Traditionally, the toilet should be comfortable, easy to clean and suitable for the height of all family members. But today, the problem of selecting the appropriate choice is complicated by the wide range of models represented in sales.


There is always a new diverse collection of toilets, which differ from each other not by only their stylish design, but also by their technical characteristics. In such circumstances, it is easy for the common buyer to get lost if does not know all the details. And if you believe the statistics, a person spends a few years of his life on the toilet, so it has to meet all the necessary quality parameters.  In this article we will try to figure out what you need to pay attention to when choosing toilets, and how not to get lost in their huge assortment!The plumbing market has a huge variety of brands, mostly representing the products in three price categories: economy, medium and luxury classes.

If we start going through them one toilet at a time, then the products of economy class are 100-200$

Mid – price segment are the products up to 500$

And, of course, the elite plumbing! In this market is characterized by the toilets of such famous brands as: Duravit (Germany), and many others. The luxury segment (from the 500-$1000 to infinity) offers samples of the toilet’s unique design, creating an environment that attracts the world ‘s most famous authors. For example, Norman Foster and Philippe Starck took part in the Duravit collections. In addition, luxury plumbing is not just exclusive design, but also functionality, reliability and durability. And in these price groups there are many attractive designs both in design and from the standpoint of view.


Of course, it should be taken into consideration that when choosing a toilet, it is totally inadequate to be guided only by price and design. It is important to pay attention to other important parameters: The material of production – the modern toilets are manufactured from not only pottery but also from porcelain. High-quality porcelain products are more durable, so with careful handling, they will last 50 years. In addition to that, there are models made out of plastic, glass and natural stone on the market. There is a choice for every taste and color.

Height – here it is necessary to focus on the shortest family member. Tip: sit on the toilet: feet should be easy to rest on the floor and not hang in the air. If the muscles of the abdomen, waist, pelvis and legs are relaxed as much as possible – then this model is suitable for you.

Design – the toilets are pan closet, suspended and floor toilets with a drain in the wall.

Tank – selection of the tank for the toilet depends on the model preferred: floor or suspended. When purchasing, experts advise to pay attention to the fact that the toilet bowl and tank shall be fitted tightly to each other and prepared to be connected. By the way, currently the market offers such models of toilets, where all the drains and tanks are mounted on the wall where special installation structures are used to mount the toilets. By the way, now on the market are those models of toilets, where all the discharge device and the reservoir, mounted in the wall for mounting, as a rule, are the special installation design. Pan closet (with the platform inside) performs the “splash” function.

How to choose a toilet. Type of flushing the water -forward and reverse. Reverse flush performs its functions more reliably and better as the water washes the entire bowl. Type tank from which the water drains from – there are several water drainage systems: one-button, two-button and AQUASTOP. The most popular is the two-button mode used to save water. The latter method is more typical of European models of toilets. The oblique release is provided with the pipe directed downwards at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees. And, of course, remember that when choosing the toilet in the online store, please pay attention to its detailed description, because it is often hardware sold separately. It is very convenient and customers will be able to purchase the necessary part whether it’s the cover, tank or system installation. In this case, the model is simply called “toilet”, and you need to buy a tank and lid separately. This entire kit is called “compact”.

When buying a toilet, please make sure the model is fully equipped with all the necessary fasteners. And, lastly, don’t trust the installation of your new toilet to random people. It is best done by professionals.


How to choose a toilet. In order not to deal with manufacturing defects when buying a toilet, first you need to check it for cracks, which can be not only external, but also internal. The easiest and most common method is to hold one of the parts of the toilet in the air and hit it with a coin (or any other metallic object) on its surface – if the sound is sonorous, then the ceramic product is without defects. Toilet bowls come in two types depending on the location of the cistern: compacts (the flush tank is attached to a toilet bowl, either directly or through special transition shelves) and separated (the connection is made via a pipe. Tanks, in turn, are divided into open and built into the wall. Many companies producing plumbing put a special button on the tank, a single-time pressing of which provides for supply of, for example, 3 or 6 liters, 4 or 8 liters of water.

How to choose a toilet. You need to pay special attention to one of the main functions of this delicate plumbing – the quality removal of its entire contents. It is implemented by the direction of water flows when draining. For example, in the “shower” drain the water flows along the bowl and the jet creates something like a whirlpool that knocks everything out of the surface of the bowl; with the “cascade” the water is drained uniformly and it washes the bowl all over its inner surface; and with the so-called “sucking” sink bowl is first filled almost to the top with water, which abruptly drops down, sucking the contents with it. Each draining flushes about five liters of water, and in economy mode – about two liters of water.


Let’s begin by clarifying the terminology. What is the toilet? It is a sanitary device equipped with automatic and semi-automatic drain system. The material of the toilet bowl is plumbing ceramics.

From the history it is evident that for the first time a similar design was invented in China in the I century BC. In Europe the device appeared much later – in the Victorian era in England.

The word “toilet” originates from company “Unitas”, which has established commercial production of the toilets in the early twentieth century. It is remarkable that in its 1974 issue, the publishing house “McGraw-Hill” had a facsimile edition of 2 books with records and sketches of Leonardo da Vinci. On one of the pages in it shows the device, remotely resembling a toilet.