How to Choose a Shower Door

Choose a Shower Door

One of the most important components of the shower system are the shower doors. The quality of the door depends on the integrity of the structure, its harmony in the overall composition of the bathroom and ease of its use.

Basic options for shower doors are swing or sliding.

Swing doors are the classic version. Design details are brought to technical perfection. This option allows a very sparing operation, even with bumps and shocks. The design requires minimal maintenance. The disadvantage of this design is the need for more space for the smooth opening of the door leaves. There can be one or two door leaves. The sliding option is more progressive. It is more complex in technical terms: there are guides and rollers that are moved along the guide together with the installed door leaf. There may be several door leafs. The more door leafs you have, the stronger the frame is made to avoid distortions. The whole structure requires more careful treatment than the swing option, however, if you use it carefully, everything works fine for many decades. From the structural point of view, it would be better if the rollers are made of metal, just like the guide. Plastic rollers, as well as the plastic guides wear out relatively quickly. There are gaps up to such values that the door leaf can fall out of its place. Although, small gaps are allowed by developers of such systems.

There are models with folding door leaves. Folding options are reminiscent of an accordion. They also have guides and rollers (or their analogs). Accordingly, the selection criteria are similar to the sliding model. If the quality of fasteners and is at the proper level, and the installation is performed correctly, the impermeability will be ensured by any system. And the dilemma of choosing the shower door will depend on subjective preferences. In addition to purely technical qualities like impermeability, shower doors need to fit in the interior space and they need to look neat. There are a few recommendations regarding their decent appearance:

– the material of the door leaf. It is better if it is glass, because, after some time, there may be scuffs and minor scratches on the plastic. By the way, some prejudices about the glass doors about their trauma risk (in which case it is the fragments) have nothing to back them up. It is very hard to damage a tempered glass door (and the glass that is used is toughened).

– surface texture and pattern. On the plain glossy surfaces, traces of water droplets and the so-called “stains” are visibly better than on matte surfaces with decorative drawings. Here it is necessary to choose between gloss with perfection in exchange for periodic movements with a polishing cloth or “masking” matte surface.

– the seals on the contour. It is a subtle, but very important element. After all, the seals ensure the impermeability of the cabin or the shower enclosure at the junction of elements and around its perimeter. The more elastic the seal is, the better it is considered to be. It is also important to have the ability to replace the seal for wear and order it from the manufacturer, if necessary.

In most showers cabins the doors are not placed “by themselves”, but rather mounted to the walls. How do you choose a shower wall? Due to the fact that wall is a static bearing element, the choice comes down whether to ensure the rigidity of the whole structure and its decent appearance, which will ensure that the door matches the general appearance of the bathroom. As in the case with the doors, the best material for walls is considered to be tempered glass. It keeps excellent rigidity and does not scratch, unlike the cheaper options made from plastic. For a complete shower set it is necessary to choose the shower base and shower body. If you do not possess the necessary qualifications for the installation of shower doors, ask for help from professionals. A flawed professional installation can ruin even the best idea. In order for the shower system to bring joy and comfort, and not to be used as a visual aid for the young plumbing mechanic, we recommend you to contact our company New Bathroom Style at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel. 718-412-3675. Website:

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