How to choose a shower cabin

 Choose a shower cabin

In this article, we will tell you about how to choose a shower cabin for cottages, country house or city apartment, from what such equipment is made, how to arrange the interior, not to disturb the balance and in the end to stay happy with your choice.

How to choose a shower cabin

Today, a shower is not just a choice of a piece of furniture for sanitary needs, but it is also a detail of the interior. No matter what style you adhere to, the cabin should harmoniously fit into the bathroom and create comfort. How do you make the right choice? It’s all very simple because the equipment is really created to simplify our lives. Choosing a shower cabin is easy. The main thing is to correctly calculate your financial capabilities and to correctly redistribute needs. Simply put, you should consider the size of your bathroom and try to arrange it in a way that is as comfortable as possible. The most popular are cabins with sliding doors, which can save space when designing small bathrooms, such as in a typical high-rise building or a small country house where there is not enough space. How do you choose a shower cabin for your bathroom? Often the most important factor is the compactness and the material used in cabin production. But don’t forget about the acquired equipment is made from. Of course, the design, price and convenience are important, but you cannot do without taking some technical details into account. For example, you have to wonder how will a shower cabin be resistant to moisture and how it will tolerate the temperature change. A standard shower cabin consists of doors, walls, and shower base. Most often, the walls and the door are made of polystyrene, but over time, this material becomes cloudy and it stains appear on it. Such problems can be avoided by choosing a different material – glass.

It will cost more, but in this case there will be more choices.

You can choose the glass to your taste:

  • patterned;
  • tinted;
  • Matte.

Having chosen the doors and the walls, you can move on to the shower base.

They are made of different materials:

  • iron;
  • steel;
  • acrylic;
  • ceramics;
  • artificial marble.

How to choose the shower base having considered each of the above materials?

Pros and cons can be found in any of these options.

  1. Cast iron, for example, is durable and reliable material, but the thick walls of this material heat up for a while. Respectively, before taking a shower, you will need some time to leave the hot water on. There is only one conclusion – there is no efficiency in terms of water consumption here.
  2. Steel shower bases are also reliable and durable, however, as a drawback, we bring up the issue of noise, which is inevitable during operation. Enamel on steel will eventually deteriorate and chip.
  3. Acrylic is becoming more popular, however, it does have its pitfalls. For example, it can bend with a large weight. As far as the advantages go, they are fast heating and easy cleaning. Also, minor damage in the form of scratches are sanded quite easily and quickly.
  4. Ceramic bases are very stable, but it has a high fragility rate just like any other ceramic product. If you drop something heavy on ceramic base, it can simply crack. You will need to build this shower cabin very carefully.
  5. Artificial marble is characterized by its strength and durability. It is stable to the aggressive environment, and taking care of such material is quite simple.

An important factor, in addition to all of the above, is choosing the size of the shower cabin you intend to purchase. How do you choose a shower cabin of the desired size?

Types of shower cabins

There is a rich assortment of models on the market, and no one can tell you how to properly choose the exact shower cabin you need. It all depends on personal preferences and capabilities.

There are several basic types of cabins:

  • corner shower;
  • the “Box” cabin;
  • the “Box” cabin with hydro-massage;
  • the “Box” cabin with sauna.


A corner shower is, in fact, a simple cabin, but, usually, with two and not with four walls. The two sides, in this case, are the bathroom walls and the other two are the sides of the shower cabin. It is worth noting that in this case the walls and floors in the installation location will have to prepared and aligned under the ground. If you do not wish to do this, you can select the “Box” cabin. It will consist of four separate walls and a special shower base.

How do you choose a shower cabin?

Everything here is also quite simple. Before buying the equipment make sure to inspect it, make sure the cabin doors should always be easy to open and close and fit well and snugly to the walls and to each other. There should be no spaces left. But most importantly and under any circumstances, the water should not flow through. In a working the shower that is impossible. The assembly of such equipment must be done by professionals in order to avoid damage to the cabin. However, feel free to get to work if you have the necessary tools, knowledge, and desire to do it yourself. There are lots of tips and articles on the Internet that will help you in doing so.

Shower Cabin Prices.

Prices on showers range from thousands of dollars and ending at tens of thousands of euros. For example, the aforementioned Jacuzzi can go up in price to fifteen thousand dollars, but there are “middle” class cabins, which can significantly save the family budget. They are very popular today. High hygienic and economical consumption of water, in the end, will justify the choices made in their favor. And the small size of the cabins and the combination of different possibilities, including rest, hygiene, relaxation, will allow you to enjoy your decision. Shower cabins are purchased for different purposes. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of additional services. How to choose a shower cabin – the questions is not only a matter of hygiene but also a place where you can unwind and relax. For example, you can purchase a walk-in shower cabin with vertical hydro massage functions, foot massage or body massage. The cost will depend on the size of the cabin, and the materials used in its assembly, as well as its functionality. Some shower cabins allow an entire fitness program that strengthens the body, prevents colds and gives energy for the whole day.

Such multifunctional cabins will surely have a high cost and, moreover, if you live in an apartment before you will need to check whether there is enough water pressure on the floor before buying it, because most of the procedures in this multifunctional shower cabin are only possible with the water pressure from 1.5-2 bar.

If this water pressure is not possible in your house, then only a shower will work, and the money invested and the all the possible functions of cabins will sink into oblivion.


A great feature in the showers is a hydro massage. It’s not only fun, but also a great way to heal your body.

Hydromassage has a relaxing effect on the entire body and helps get rid of stress and fatigue. It also improves blood circulation, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Actually, the hydromassage cannot be praised enough. it has many favorable advantages and effects, so if you’re getting a cabin with it, you will not regret about the choice you’ve made.

Beauty and functionality.

 Transparent shower cabins look nice and impressive. They fit perfectly in the most modern interiors but do not forget about the disadvantages of such an acquisition. This model will look great on the picture, but in everyday life, it will bring a lot of trouble. Drops of water stains, smudges — all this will you will have to contemplate daily, if you do not clean this cabin with the help of special tools after each visit. Such problems can be avoided by choosing glass or textured cabins, which will also give a beautiful and harmonious look in almost any bathroom.

Care for the shower cabin.

You already know how to choose a shower cabin, and now it remains to mention only how to properly care for it. In order for an expensive cabin to serve you for a long time, you will have to care for it. Numerous studies indicate that the bathroom is one of the most exploited areas in the apartment and in the country home. Therefore, careful handling of equipment is necessary. Bad water and foreign faucets used for our purposes can be a cause for problems, and therefore we need to do everything possible to reduce the aggressive effect of water on the cabin. After taking a shower the shower base should be washed with a special detergent solution and wiped dry with a sponge. It is not advisable to leave soap stains and water drops. They also need to be wiped dry. It would be extremely difficult to wash them off, so it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. The outer metal surface, as well as faucets and mixers periodically need to be periodically cleaned from plaque by using special tools. Built-in backlights should also be protected. You can significantly increase their lifetime by turning them off after taking a shower. In conclusion, I want to mention that a lot depends on manufacturers and the materials used in the assembly of shower cabins. However, do not forget that careful handling and observance of basic rules for care of the shower cabin will allow you to enjoy your purchase for years. Good luck with choosing a shower cabin!