How to choose a corner bathtub

How to choose a corner bathtub?

A bathtub is a place where you can relax and soak in the air foam. The appearance of the corner models has become a real revolution in the world of plumbing. With its high ergonomics and excellent appearance, this equipment fits perfectly into any interior. It is pretty simple to install and does not create any problems during its operation.

Corner bathtubs are for those who are tired of too simple and outdated classic models, as well as for those who wish to have equipment of considerable size in a standard bathroom. Rather than providing comfort, rectangular models can eat up a lot of usable areas. With a corner model, even a small bathroom becomes more spacious.

Recommendations for choosing a bathtub


As a rule, they do not exceed 60” x 60” inches. Such equipment can accommodate almost any small room. The room will seem more spacious, and internal dimensions and volume of the corner models would exceed the characteristics of the rectangular option. When selecting plumbing equipment, you should consider the bathroom size and the dimensions of the furnishings. You should also think about how to leave free space directly in front of a corner bathtub in order to make it convenient to get in and out. When figuring out the placement of plumbing, you must consider the location of the sewer pipes. Remember, the shape and the dimensions define the interior of a bathroom. Of course, the location of utilities is not the most important criterion for selecting locations of equipment, however, if you do consider them, the lining can be done much faster and easier.


Nowadays, the acrylic options are the most popular ones. This material is durable and lightweight, which opens up great possibilities for the realization of designer ideas. These bathrooms last for a long time and are easily restored. Warranty service life of acrylic bathtubs reaches 15 years. However, it is not necessary to choose the cheaper option. If you want plumbing equipment to last you a long time, give preference to reinforced options.

Color scheme.

Color schemes of corner bathtubs are diverse. That will allow you to choose the color of the product that will fit perfectly in your interior. Most often it is made from acrylic equipment with hydro-massage. What’s implied under the jets is the impact of water jets mixed with air. To ensure that the system works properly, a compressor, pump, injector, nozzles and control panel are used. The advantage of steel models is their affordable cost, however, they do not last long. Besides, during the installation of the equipment, you should pay special attention to sealing. Otherwise, there will be a lot of noise while using the bathroom. Cast iron options are characterized by high strength and durability. However, among the corner models, cast iron options are rare, because not every manufacturer has the necessary technical capabilities.


If you want to give the room some personality, take into consideration the asymmetric corner bathtub. They can have correct and rounded shape. These products are not only beautiful but also functional and incredibly comfortable.


Plumbing equipment can be equipped with hydro-massage, aero massage, water disinfection system, automatic sink, halogen lighting, filling control. It can have an electronic control system. By choosing a multifunction model, you can turn taking a bath into a real pleasure. For quick filling in some types of equipment cascading is provided by built-in mixers.

According to the installation type, corner bathtubs are divided into:

– left side.

– right side.

There are two ways of installing a corner bathtub: the first one involves the installation of equipment brackets and legs included, and the second one provides for the establishment of the base, the equipment is placed as if it was in a niche. The second method is more reliable and technically sophisticated. If the bath is mounted on the legs, after mounting you need to adjust them in such a way so that the small protection covers are strictly horizontal to the floor surface. When connecting the drain-overflow system, ensure that all connections are tight. The sides of the structure can be fastened to the adjacent walls using special hooks. In the formed gaps between the walls and small protection covers you can place silicone sealant, then you install moisture-proof base molding. With a corner bathtub, you can quickly and easily create original interior and solve the problem of shortage of storage space in the bathroom.

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