How to care for your toilet

How to care for your toilet

It seems that the bathroom is the dirtiest room in the house, how to care for your toilet no matter how much you clean it. And it is near impossible to get rid of harmful microbes in the toilet, no matter how much you clean and disinfect it. Every minute a large variety of microorganisms is growing in the bathroom and your task is to get rid of them so they don’t spread throughout your home, infecting your family, getting on animals, food and the like. But the hygiene factor is not the only reason why you should properly care for your toilet.

  Toilet for your bathroom

A quality toilet is now worth a lot of money and you, just like every other sane person, do not want to spend money on anything. Everyone wants for their new purchase to serve as long as possible. Of course, the quality of the material and the product itself it is very important. It should be made only according to existing standards. It must also be certified and have a quality guarantee. But even the most high-quality toilet can be ruined if not properly cared for. If you don’t pay enough attention to timely cleaning and disinfection, not only will you put your family at the risk of contracting different diseases, but the look of the toilet will be very so-so. In order to help you save time on cleaning and caring for the toilet, we want to reveal a few secrets and so-called “life hacking” how to keep your new purchase clean. And if you have not chosen that single model that you like, we suggest you visit our website at, where you will be able to choose a quality and individual toilet that will be comfortable to use and look beautiful on the outside. So, let’s get back to how to properly clean and to care for it.

The tools that you are going to need:

  • Rubber gloves (Use separate ones for bathroom and kitchen because it will reduce levels of spreading of germs).
  • Brush (you can even use an old toothbrush).
  • All-purpose cleaner.
  • Ruff

All right, let’s begin. Follow this guide and you are guaranteed a perfect result:

  1. Spray the surface of the toilet with a universal cleaner from top to bottom, covering everything from the tank, hinges, either side of the lid and seat, rim and bowl on the inside and the outside. Feel free to just drench it with the product. Leave it on for 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination) to dissolve dirt and kill germs.
  2. Then rinse thoroughly with water until the entire agent is flushed.
  3. Carefully go over the entire surface with a brush soaked in cleaner once again, while washing away the remnants of dirt from all corners, and then rinse everything again.
  4. Wipe Your bowl dry with a disposable towel or paper or use a brush. Your toilet is sparkling clean!