Glass top bathroom vanity

Few bathroom vanity materials are as desirable or as elegant as beautiful tempered glass. If you want sophisticated style in your modern bathroom, a glass bathroom vanity from New Bathroom Style is sure to be a stunning accent in your home for years and years to come.

We take great pride in our world-class collection of glass vanities, available in a number of unique styles, from an exclusive selection of innovative manufacturers. If you want to impress your guests with your eye for interior design, we guarantee you will succeed with one of these stunning bathroom furnishings. We hand-select every vanity we sell, so you can be assured of their inherently sleek, smart, and charming character, not to mention the fact that glass single bathroom vanities require very minimal maintenance and effort.

We ask: what home couldn’t benefit from a beautiful, modern, and clean decorative aesthetic embodied by a stunning glass vanity? For the homeowner who prefers subtle beauty to ornate ostentation, glass vanities are a welcome addition to a bathroom design. They are unobtrusive but not invisible: they enhance and accentuate a modern bathroom’s natural appeal without overwhelming it. They truly embody the modern decorative philosophy of “less is more.”

But as any remodeler knows, looks and aesthetic impact alone do not make a vanity great. To that end, we have selected only the sturdiest, most functional, and longest-lasting vanities to include in our exclusive collection. These glass vanities are held to the highest construction and safety standards, as they are made and distributed here in the United States. Their tempered glass components are built to be incredibly sturdy and strong, though they may appear fragile and delicate. With a little regular maintenance, these contemporary bathroom cabinets will last a lifetime.

Our glass vanities also provide ample storage space to fulfill all of your organizational needs and are available in a wide range of sizes and installation styles, including floor-standing and wall-mounted varieties.