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Glass Sink Vanity - Custom Painting Sink

Glass Sink Vanity

New Bathroom Style, bathroom supply store, presents a new service
custom painting of a glass sink

"It is a modern solution to the market "

New Bathroom Style, bathroom supply store, presents a new service – custom painting of a glass sink. It is a modern solution to the market. Although glass types of sinks have just recently appeared on sale, during this time they have gained great popularity. As its’ main feature, custom painting can be executed in a huge variety of shades and colors.


Glass Sink Vanity

A glass sink is in great demand among buyers because it has many advantages.

1. High strength and wear resistance. Many people think how such a fragile and unstable product has gained widespread demand in the market, and moreover, you can easily cut yourself with broken glass. However, the sink is made of tempered and specially processed glass, it is due to this processing method that glass sinks are not only impossible to scratch but even break into sharp pieces.

2. Neat and beautiful appearance. There is no need to explain much here, it is only worth mentioning the openwork vases, which can sparkle with different colors. It all depends on the imagination and creativity of the homeowners. If you want to get a unique product, then you should make an individual order from the New Bathroom Style store where you will get a real piece of art.

If we draw an analogy between glass models and ceramic or porcelain – a glass sink is not enameled, so it does not lend itself to temperature fluctuations. Glass products are not susceptible to the influence of reagents that are part of detergents.


Varieties of glass sinks

Glass sinks can be separately mounted on the bathroom vanity. Most of them have a rectangular shape of standard sizes – 24″, 32″, 36″, 48″, and 60 inches. If the vanity goes in an uncommon shape – you may look for the sink included in the vanity set.
You will most likely find overhead glass sinks which are the most popular and convenient options to match with a vanity. Glass sinks are especially suitable for luxury vanities of European brands.


How to choose the right model of a glass sink?

1. Pay attention to the type of installation. This criterion is associated with the installation of pipeline communications.
2. Dimensions. It should be said here that the dimensions of the sink must be accurately determined before the purchase.
3. Appearance. A glass sink is a unique plumbing fixture on the market today, as the presence of even a single air bubble inside the glass will make the product less attractive. Also, invisible chips can spoil the appearance of the product from the first time. Also, most models of glass sink do not include an overflow hole in their design.

In any case, most of the sinks presented in bathroom supply stores have no imperfections and should go well with any interior.