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Stainless Steel Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucets

The degree of the bathroom’s functional and aesthetic qualities directly affects our mood, comfort, and even health. High humidity and temperature changes inherent in this room limit the choice of finishing materials. If broadening the boundaries by moving the walls is not possible, you can use a design technique to enlarge the bathroom visually. A superb option for this could be the novelty in sanitary equipment – the glass sink. Professional designers have a special relationship with the Glass. It goes well with any materials, which expands the possibilities for design. With designs made from glass products, you can achieve various effects to radically change the interior and add a touch of elegance, refinement, and lightness. Sink made from this material will perfectly fit into any interior. 

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glass bathroom sink

Transparent models are universal.

They will make a small bathroom more spacious, will not violate the integrity of the ornament of facing a wall while acquiring its tone. Sinks made from frosted Glass look elegant and noble. Just like a light, weightless cloud of fog, they introduce freshness and tenderness into the interior. Glossy models will add refined elegance to the design. They will allow for the enjoyment of bright, cheerful reflections of water splashes. Glass vessel sinks made in the form of the cascade will resemble a small waterfall in the bathroom. 

Whatever the design of the bathroom is, a transparent glass sink will not distort nor break its harmony. On the contrary, it will be an original, stylish accent in the room. Stained glass sinks look just as attractive. These models are created from the entire color palette, allowing you to choose the option that will perfectly fit into the bathroom’s interior and will be a worthy element for the overall design of the room. The models with pictures and ornaments look in a very original way. The themes of the images vary, allowing you to give a room the desired atmosphere. The main advantage of glass sinks is that they do not look monumental and cumbersome. In any case, whatever the model may be – transparent or colored, it will add lightness and airiness to the interior, which is especially important for small spaces. Such plumbing fixtures will not require drastic changes, as the glass blends in with the tile, wood, plastic, metal. If you want to transform the bathroom completely, you can also purchase a glass screen for the bathroom, shelves, and cupboards. You will get an elegant, light, and, most importantly, exclusive interior that you will not simply enjoy but can also be proud of.

Ceramic and metal sinks have long been used to equip bathrooms. They have allowed enough time to discover their strengths and weaknesses fully. Glass models may seem too fragile and not have the ability to perform their functions perfectly. The power of tempered Glass with a minimum thickness of 1.5 cm is enough to withstand changes in water temperature and household mechanical stress. Each side of the glass sink is carefully polished to exclude any injury. The innovative technology of soldering is used in the bonding of glass sinks. Therefore, the seams are invisible, and moisture and dirt penetration is excluded. It is easy to care for this type of plumbing. Ceramic is a porous material. The ingress of contaminants into the microscopic holes reduces the attractiveness of products and makes you exert a lot of effort for their perfect purification. Glass surfaces are monolithic. That’s why no such problems arise. These sinks are easy to clean with detergents suitable for cleaning acrylic bathtubs. Glass has a high resistance to chemical ingredients. You can use any liquid for its care. Do not use cleaning agents only with abrasives that may scratch the surface. The coloring of glass sinks is applied from the rear side. Therefore, the coating is not exposed to hot and cold water and retains its integrity for many years. You can make a product of any shape from the Glass. Therefore, the assortment of such sinks is relatively large. Manufacturers offer models in classic and futuristic styles. It is possible to make the special-order model that is ideally suited for the interior of the bathroom. Glass sink may be cone-shaped, angle-shaped, and equipped with the original support. This ensures an excellent choice for every consumer.

The disadvantages of glass sinks include the following:

Every drop, smudge, streaks will be visible on polished, transparent models. They will require careful cleaning. It is necessary to wipe the sink dry. These models will not work out even if it is necessary to mask the unsightly old pipes. Metal chrome frames are ideal for glass sinks. They look harmoniously with such models and also keep their attractiveness thanks to their resistance to moisture. The main disadvantage of glass sinks is their relatively high cost. But when you consider their longevity and the beauty they provide for bathroom design, you can tolerate their drawback.

Installation and maintenance of glass sinks.

The installation rules of glass sinks are virtually identical to the installation rules of models made from other materials. It would be best if you took all the nuances into consideration when choosing the product. You should consider the specifics of where the sink will be installed and the type of faucet you plan to install. Glass sinks for the bathroom are new in the world of plumbing. There are three sink mounts on the market: angle-shaped, cone-shaped, using supports. The material’s transparency requires careful attention to the connection of communications and assembly of parts since any defect or carelessness in the installation will be visible and spoil the look. If you want to hide the possible shortcomings, installing the sink with a bathroom vanity or a pedestal made from opaque materials is advisable. It is essential to consider the shades of the finishing room when selecting a sink style for bathroom design to provide the perfect harmony. Glass sink is quite demanding in their care. To ensure the perfect cleanness of the bathroom, the transparent glass sink will have to be rinsed and wiped dry after each hand washing. Otherwise, it will have an untidy appearance. Therefore, a clean cloth for the sink should always be nearby. In the short term, the ideally smooth surface of the material makes it possible not to worry about the emergence of resistant contaminants. And yet, if the water has a high hardness and contains many heavy metal salts, you should consider the sink made from opaque, colored Glass. If there are deposits on the product’s surface, you can use any liquid household chemicals to remove them. Glass has superior resistance to its effects. However, powders are not suitable for the care of such models. Microscopic scratches can reduce aesthetic appeal. You need to carefully weigh the “pros” and “cons” of changing the standard ceramic sink for the glass model. But if the high cost of this plumbing equipment and the need to carefully care for it is not an issue, then you can quickly transform the bathroom. The glass sink is sure to become elegant, stylish, and original.

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