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Lexora Geneva bathroom vanities

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When you remodel your master bathroom, it not only adds to the aesthetic value of that restroom but it also increases the resale value of your home. When you have decided to go ahead and invest in bathroom vanities, you have to select your design preferences and material. A lot of homeowners are compelled to discover imaginative decisions to expand their living space. Budget limit and dimension requirements need some interesting answers. The style you choose would depend on what your master bedroom looks like so that your master bathroom will be able to complement that look. When an extra bathroom, washroom, or visitor bathroom is required, some of the homeowners will look to unused storage rooms or even spaces situated underneath staircases to make another bathroom.

Geneva 84 Inch Wall Mount Double Bathroom Vanity Color Navy Blue

While such choices are keen decisions for the money spending plan, requiring no development of a current structure, they can display some significant difficulties when attempting to furnish them with conventional installations, for example, a bathroom vanity, sink, or latrine. A base floor space will be required for the right arrangement of a toilet, and an expert plumber ought to be involved. A bathroom vanity might be the most troublesome thing to discover during the development of a remodeling plan like this. Once more, creative ideas might be required.


Lexora Geneva 84 Inch Color Navy Blue Floating Double Bathroom Vanity

Geneva bathroom vanities

One of the most popular double sink models for the spacious bathroom is the series Jacques 84 Inch or 60 Inch. The store New Bathroom Style offers different standard sizes Jacques 30 Inch, 48 Inch, 60 Inch, 72 Inch, and 84 Inch. An unequivocal plus of the design is the placement of the furniture in a convenient position. As a result, there will be more free space. Mirror cabinets Lexora for the bathroom are also worth special attention, allowing you to combine a wall-mounted mirror and a cabinet in one design.

Different models of double and single sink units have doors and drawers others have only drawers. A top bathroom cabinet can be of glass or ceramic. However, you can rarely find vanities without faucet holes. The solution here – is to buy a beautiful and cheap faucet hole cap.

Geneva 48 Inch Navy Blue Single Vanity and 48 Inch LED Mirror With Faucet


Series Lexora Geneva

Series Geneva vanities feature a variety of choices of the finish. You can add the cabinet with light the company Aquadom, Lexora, or Blossom to this kind of vanity for the bathroom. A variety of medicine cabinets makes it possible to evaluate the options of models and design features. Floor cabinets with hinged doors securely hide the contents. You can fit the model with only one-side door or with open shelves even in a small space.

Geneva 48 Inch Dark Grey Single Vanity and 48 Inch LED Mirror With Faucet


Visit our modern bathroom vanities section or visit the showroom directly in Brooklyn, NY. New Bathroom Style a popular bathroom furniture store in New York offers a wide selection of modern and high-tech furniture and goods for the bathroom. Friendly and competent salespersons will provide you the best service and answer your questions. Selections of products for the bathroom will please everyone’s, even most unique design needs.

Additionally, if you buy series Lexora Geneva bathroom vanities you will get free shipping. For example, for the Lexora Geneva 84 or 60 Inch vanities model.


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