Furniture for bathroom | What kind of furniture for bathroom

Furniture for bathroom

What kind of furniture will be right for your bathroom?

The choice of furniture plays a crucial role when designing the bathroom of your dreams. So, before you start designing, you should ask yourself a few fundamental questions. Space creates comfort. How much storage space do you need? The family bathroom should have much more space for storage than the guest room. Remember, that storage space not only allows you to quickly find everything you need, but it also contributes to the neat appearance of the bathroom. A bathroom where things are in their place looks more spacious and elegant than the bathroom where everything is a mess. It is not important how big it really is.

The perfect combinations.

Do you want to combine furniture and plumbing?

In that case, Socimobel and Bellezza is what you need. We offer a wide selection of stylish furniture and plumbing, which perfectly complement each other.

Surface colors.

If the color scheme of the Bathroom Vanity is chosen properly, then even the smallest bathrooms look bigger and more harmonious. Contrasting colors of the bathroom furniture to create fresh and modern accents in the room. Often, a single detail is enough. Choosing the surface of the Bathroom Vanity is a matter of taste: warm wood contrasts with the white ceramics, while modern high-gloss surfaces create the effect of integrity.

Bathroom furniture.

How to determine the appropriate size.

In order for functionality and design to be optimally harmonized with each other, the furniture and plumbing must perfectly fit each other in size. New Bathroom Style offers products of standard sizes or you can order any bathroom vanity of any model from our catalogs.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the size?

Sink and Bathroom Vanity.

 The size of the Bathroom vanity corresponds to the size of the Sink. That is why you can be sure that both items are perfectly fitted to each other. The Collections by Socimobel and Bellezza Bathroom Vanity give you the ability to create your own modification of items in a Bathroom vanity.

Drawers and doors.

Socimobel and Bellezza offer two or, in addition, more drawers for most models. When designing, you should make sure that there is sufficient free space between the sink and the furniture in order for the door to open fully. Additional wall mount side cabinet and side cabinets require the availability of space.

The right combination for the bathroom of your dreams.

New Bathroom Style offers you many ideas and makes it possible to implement your project in a stylish and comfortable bathroom. Combine your own idea and our advice to perfectly match between the elements of furniture, plumbing, and ceramic tiles, and you will get a gorgeous bathroom.

Combine the furniture of the same series.

If you want to choose various furniture items for your bathroom, then pick them from the same collection. This way you will be able to design the bathroom in the same style. Depending on the availability of space, you can complement the Vanity with other cabinets from the same collection.

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