Four tips to improve your frontage

 Improve your frontage

Often those of us who know exactly how they want the interior of their house to look like can struggle to decide how best to present the frontage of their home. If you’re in the process of renovating then take a look at these four tips to improve the frontage fo your home and increase its curb appeal.

Repair and Replace

Making exterior repairs and installing replacements can often prove costly and time-consuming, but if you want your frontage to look smart, stylish and welcoming then it’s essential to make repairs and you can make a big difference if you fix roof tiles, repoint, clean exterior paintwork or replace sash windows. Although you’ll need to make an investment, in the long run getting jobs like this done will add value to your home and you’ll enjoy living there more.

Improve your Driveway

Cracks and holes in your driveway give a bad first impression and once damage begins to appear it should be addressed. You can add character to your home and make your driveway a feature by creating a pattern in bricks or slabs or choosing an unusual material like glass beads. If your driveway is in good condition then add some extra interest with some carefully placed potted plants or hanging baskets.

Change your Front Door

Many character homes have had their front doors replaced with modern and although there are some very convincing fake wood doors available, nothing beats the real thing. Choose a door that’s in keeping with the age of your home and add some touches that give it personality. For example, many of the original front doors of 1950’s homes feature stained glass, so look for a door with something similar or have some glass made bespoke.

Get Safe and Secure

If you’re renovating in order to sell then adding security features like a motion sensing light to the front of your home will make it more appealing to buyers, but you can also include some more gentle lighting in your front garden to give your frontage a warm and cost feel when it gets dark. Try adding an uplighter to highlight a favorite tree or sculpture or, if you have a garden path place solar lights along either side to light the way for visitors.

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