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How to choose a quality unit?

The everlasting problem of many clients who plan to renovate their bathroom –  is too small available space for furniture in it. Bathrooms in tiny apartments cannot be huge. This is the issue because which toilet and bathroom are often mixed in one whole room. A toilet, shower cabin, and minimum of one sink need to be placed somewhere. However, this problem is solvable by professional designers. Which they do very well. 

Bath vanity unit plays a significant role in bathroom planning. Why should you choose the wall-mounted option? And not a freestanding piece? This difference can be explained very easily as there are few core advantages that each type of vanity has. 

Floating bathroom vanity is the basic feature of the bath furniture. Large storage space is the initial condition that house owners are set for when purchasing a vanity unit. But, sure, you also must think about how durable, functional and beautiful the chosen piece is. That can help to complete the overall bathroom design correctly. 

When selecting a vanity, you must check its construction. The bigger it is, the more shelves and drawers it can store. And this gives more storage options for compact storage of disinfects, detergents. As well as different kinds of bathroom accessories. The standard floating bath vanity is furnished with upper drawers and front doors. 


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If the area in the bathroom is huge, then the vanity unit should be chosen consequently, mostly with two sinks. Vanity of different designs may be selected accordingly to the size of the room. As an example – a built-in sink. That is almost invisible from the side. You also may consider a vanity unit that is attached to the countertop.

The sink usually comes in two options: rectangular and oval. The one important advantage of the floating vanity – is getting a lot of free space under the unit. This gives you easy access to clean the area and creates the feeling of a huge premise.

It must be said that a floating vanity must be chosen only from the highest quality materials. It’s important as you should be sure that it will not swell or damage after the time. You are always interested in remodeling for years and even decades. 

New Bathroom Style assures you that all the products and particularly, floating bathroom vanities are made only from the highest quality materials. A wide range of products allows you to choose the perfect option. New Bathroom Style cooperates with the leading European manufacturers that are famous for their reliable and durable production. They strictly control products they supply to the market. Every stage of production has its own indicator through which every unit must go through. The bathroom vanity must withstand temperature fluctuations from 36 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the requirement for the vanity is to be able to withstand the 80% humidity level. Socimobel, Blossom, and MIA Italia are able to provide these excellent products.

The curbstone quality is also determined by the quality of the closing mechanism. Soft-closing function – is a must. 

In most of cases, the vanity is sold together with a sink, medicine cabinet, or mirror.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy all the mentioned positions. You can choose only one vanity, particularly for your bathroom.  In this case, you need only to think about the texture and colors of the product. And if you are going to install a cabinet with a sink, as they say, “for decades”, then it is even smarter to buy marble furniture. Although this is not a cheap option, it is guaranteed to serve you for more than seven years. Choose your floating piece in our online store or directly at the New York showroom.

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