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The glass fits perfectly here for any bathroom

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FLEURCO Shower Doors

Bathroom shower doors, due to their special qualities, have become an integral part for bathroom. Glass shower doors are a component of all shower cabins – corner, shower in a niche, pentagonal cabins, U-shaped cabins. Only stationary shower partitions can do without a glass shower door, but this is a design feature.

Glass, as a material, fits perfectly here, without dividing the space into parts, it sets a modern style, does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture and performs the necessary functions of a door for shower cabins.

Bathroom shower doors give a visual lightness to the entire shower structure. And this complements its functionality, which is set to a greater extent by the glass door fittings used.

Fleurco glass shower doors provide an absolute transparency of glass with impeccable quality of fittings.

Doors for a shower stall are installed with a thickness of 8 mm, although in some cases the thickness of the glass can be 6 or 10 mm. The choice of glass for shower doors depends on the need to ensure the functionality and safety of the structure as a whole.

Glass doors for shower cabins are made of tempered glass for safety reasons. Tempering gives the glass increased strength against possible impacts and guarantees a high degree of safety during use. Tempered glass can only be broken by a very strong blow to the glass end of the shower stall door (i.e., to the glass edge) while the glass breaks into many small fragments that do not have sharp corners.

Another safety factor for shower doors is the quality of the glass edge processing. The door for the shower stall should have a well-finished edge, this will exclude the possibility of body cuts.

The fixing hardware for shower doors is selected taking into account design preferences and must guarantee a long and safe operation. The range of Fleurco shower door fittings allows you to satisfy all the most sophisticated customer requirements.


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Shower door
Fleurco Shower Door


Glass doors for shower cabins provide the required degree of impermeability with the proper use of sealing profiles around the structure. In the range of Fleurco products, silicone profiles are only from top manufacturers. The seals have various configurations and are installed directly on the glass of the shower door.

Based on the general design of the door for shower cabins, you can choose profiles for connecting glass-glass and glass-wall at an angle of 90, 135, 180 degrees or any other angle.

The silicone profile for the glass shower door can be selected with or without magnetic elements (latches) and with drip seals. The glass shower door will provide airtightness from below, at the point where the glass meets the floor.

The glass shower door is not the only device for providing the impermeability. On more way to improve the waterproofness of the shower stall is to install a waterproof sill. The installation of a waterproof sill can be ignored if a waterproof tile border is laid along the perimeter of the shower stall and the tile is tilted inside the booth.

Shower Doors Options

Possible options and designs of a shower door can be selected in standard shower cabin models. When choosing, pay attention to the different ways of opening the glass door. For possible options, see the shower doors section on our website.


Aston Avalux GS 72.0-in H x 48.0-in W Clear Glass Shower Glass panel
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Aston Orbitus 15.25-in to 36-in W Stainless Steel BypassSliding Shower Door 3
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Choosing high-quality European Fleurco fittings, you can create a unique bathroom interior, where the shower cabin will take its rightful place, and the glass door to the shower cabin will be comfortable and functional. The quality of accessories for glass shower doors will delight you and your loved ones for many years. Fleurco – only perfect quality.

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