Five home improvements to make in the next five years

To do home improvements every year

More homeowners are deciding to do their own home improvements every year, and many are taking on the projects to lessen the financial burden of having to pay someone else to do it. They are picking up their paintbrushes, cordless drills, and tape measures to make those upgrades according to their style. With the home improvements being done to each individual home by their owner, the property value goes up and if they ever decide to put the house on the market. Here are a few home improvements that many homeowners can benefit from in the long run.

Siding Upgrade

One of the best improvements a homeowner can do for their house. Is to upgrade their siding, and vinyl just happens to be the newest durable material available for it. Vinyl siding is long-lasting and available in a variety of colors and textures. The color in Vinyl is blended throughout the material which helps prevent nicks and scratches from showing up. With vinyl siding, there is also the option of having the material imitate different designs from wood shingles, wood-grain lap siding, and stone.

Since the material is very lightweight it can easily go over existing materials on houses quickly. It can save homeowners time and money from not having to remove old materials for their new siding. Vinyl siding requires little maintenance and repainting is not necessary. The material is reasonably low cost compared to other siding materials and some brands offer lifetime warranties. One thing that homeowners must take into consideration is that the standard panels for vinyl siding are 12 feet long which can cause unsightly seams when the material is overlapped. Extra-long panels can be ordered but can cost double from the price of a standard.

Additional Storage

New homeowners buying a recently built house usually has the luxury of having the extra storage they need already equipped into the house. For some who own older homes that do not have the same luxury, opting for building and adding more storage will come in handy in the long run. If expanding for more storage is too costly, there are other options for creating more storage. Many specialty stores have opened up to help homeowners get creative in designing storages to fit each individual homeowner. A simple organization system for the pantry or closet can create more storage and can become eye appealing when a homeowner decides to sell their house.

Home Security System

This should be one of the top priorities for any homeowner to add on to their home. A home security system will prevent burglary or any sort of home invasion. Since most security system packages come with yard signs and window stickers informing that a home is protected. It can help deter burglars from breaking in. Another upside to adding a security system is having the peace of mind of knowing that each family member will be safe and secure in their home and some packages offer alarms that can be triggered in case of fire or flood occurrences. Some insurance companies will give homeowners a decent discount for having a security system installed.

Attic Bedroom

For homeowners who have an empty attic, turning it into a functional room can help in many ways. If the owner ever decides to sell the home, the value of the property will be considerably higher for having an extra space that could be turned into a bedroom. That might not be the case for every homeowner. But having that extra bedroom can come in handy if a family member were to ever visit or maybe when a family has more than one child and in need of another room. A forewarning to taking up this home improvement, it can get a bit expensive. It will just depend on how much is going to be upgraded in the attic.

Kitchen Upgrade

Every homeowner has thought about this at one point or another, upgrading their kitchen. A major upgrade is not necessary unless the kitchen is completely outdated. But simple changes to the kitchen can make a whole lot of difference. A few things to consider upgrading would be the floors to more durable material. Countertops can be redone in laminate instead of granite to save money. A decent repaint job will give the room a livelier environment. Major upgrades to the kitchen are only necessary if appliances are outdated or the cabinets.

Starting to take on too much regular wear and tear. Whether it is a minor or major upgrade to the kitchen it will up the value of the home for reselling. For any homeowner adding any improvements to their house. The value will go up much higher when put on the market. If selling is not an option, the upgrades can be benefited from in the long run by helping ease the upkeep of owning a house. Since every homeowner is unique and has their own different styles. Each home improvement done on their own can help them create a customized environment.