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the mirror fitness


Recently, our everyday life began to be filled with various objects, to which you can securely add the word “smart” or “intelligent.” And such a necessary interior item that we use every day, like a mirror, is no exception. Until this time, specific models of smart mirrors were created, combining the capabilities of reflection with various informational functions.

The Mirror Fitness

The AQUADOM Company has moved much further in the development of smart mirrors – the company’s specialists have created a wall surface with a virtual coach “inside.” 


AQUADOOM mirror brand has developed a smart mirror ideal for home workouts – Energy Smart Fitness Mirror. The sizeable full-length mirror features a custom workout system and a different stand that allows installation mirrors both: wall-mounted and freestanding. During workouts, it turns into a touchscreen with speakers that broadcasts the exercise. Users watch and repeat the movements of an interactive fitness instructor. You can do stretching, yoga, or strength training.

Energy smart fitness mirror stores training data and analyzes it to make optimal exercises and activities based on its age and weight. Multiple applications can be used, and no monthly fee is required.

After working out, the mirror turns into a stylish decor element, effortlessly blending into the house’s interior.


The Energy Fitness Smart Mirror kit optionally includes a scale and a skin scanner. They transmit information to the mirror; data on body weight and skin condition can be viewed on the screen. The proprietary software can be downloaded from PlayMarket. Each user has a separate personal account, where it is easy to track the dynamics of changes. The skin scanner reads the condition of the skin of the hands, face, and the area around the eyes. It will show if the skin needs moisturizing or nourishment, what problems should be paid attention to. Using the information received, you will select a skincare program and will be able to maintain its health. And also, monitor changes under the influence of the chosen means – you will immediately understand whether they are effective or not.

The scale measures weight, body mass index, and the ratio of body fat to muscles. A smart mirror shows the state of the body, indicates the presence of problem areas. The data is saved, it is easy to track the dynamics and control the load during training. 


The most necessary programs and applications are already installed in the smart mirror:

  • Google App – search for the information you need using the voice assistant or by typing in the application.
  • A widget that shows on display the time, location, and temperature outside and notifies about sudden weather conditions changes.
  • Media player – listen to your favorite tunes, make playlists or turn on the radio. The mirror is equipped with two speakers with good sound quality.
  • Newsfeed – view the latest news, exchange rates, and stocks during hygiene procedures.
  • Built-in own messengers – reminiscent of a sticker system, will help you leave reminder notes to your family members. Now you do not need to stick pieces of paper on the refrigerator to say warm words to loved ones, ask them to take out the trash or remind them to take important documents with you.
  • Calendar – will allow you to keep lists of planned things, remind you of meetings and important events.

Also, you can install any application you need from the Google Play store.

Smart mirror control

Use voice commands or finger touch to control the mirror. Using it is intuitively simple: an intuitive interface, a multitouch screen – everything is like on a familiar tablet or smartphone. Just touch the icon or say OK, Google and say the command – the information you need will immediately appear in front of you.


Smart Mirror is intelligent, beautiful, and safe

The design of the interactive mirror allows it to fit into any interior. But it looks best in high-tech interiors. Despite its impressive technical characteristics, the device is thin – a frameless construction practically merges with the room’s wall.

The double lid, moisture, and dust protection reliably protect the electronics from water and contamination. In crash tests, the mirror components were not damaged even when the unit was flooded with a jet of water. Therefore, the smart mirror can be installed in any room, from the living room to the bathroom.



While nothing can replace the gym experience, where a personal trainer can help improve your fitness and act as a partner for some exercise, the Smart Mirror reflects the growing trend to combine technology with fitness.

The idea is to provide consumers with more sports at home through live streaming, which may be more attractive than an expensive gym visit or standard, non-interactive sports equipment at home.