Fight against the humidity in the house

Fight against the humidity in the house

How to spot the early signs of excessive moisture and how to fix it are questions that many people ask when they face the problem of damp walls and rising damp in their houses. If you want to fight against excessive humidity in your house, here is some advice for you.

Regularly check the moisture in the house

The ideal humidity for a healthy home is between 55 and 65%. Any more than this and your home could be at risk of rising damp, mold or rot. If there is often steam on your windows, condensation on the walls or on the floor, then your house is too humid and you need a proper solution for treating rising damp. Similarly, if mold or mildew is growing in your home, along with fungus which attacks the wood, then the humidity is really excessive. Moreover, if you find that your home smells musty, it is time to contact some damp specialists.

Find the causes of moisture

In most cases, a room is humid when poorly ventilated or over-insulated. Interior air containing water vapor cannot escape. In some extreme cases, moisture can seep up through the walls or floor (moisture first appears at the bottom of the walls). This problem may be related to the waterlogged ground below the house, the house sitting in a bowl or on a slope, or shoddy construction. Often, such problems can be treated without heavy work. However, in all cases, if the humidity becomes too much, call a professional, such as, to establish a reliable diagnosis and advise you on treating rising damp

In poorly ventilated housing you can install the system, which filters the incoming air and uses the heat from the exhaust air to heat the house. In addition, an anti-moisture paint can help to combat the problem. In the case of structural waterproofing; the work is more complex and expensive – you need to dig up and protect the foundations, put drains in the field or better yet, inject resin into the walls to create a waterproof barrier. You can talk to, damp proofing specialists, who can carry out a full survey and install structural basement waterproofing systems across.

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