Ceramic tile has long been a leader in the design of certain functional areas. And so, almost no one has any doubts in respect to what wall covering to choose for a bathroom or a shower room. You can highlight several major trends by looking at the design of the tile: imitation of a variety of materials — wood, marble, stone, metal; imitation leather, oriental patterns and patchwork. We will discuss them and other trends in more detail.


  1. Imitation wood

This year tile that looks like a floorboard or other wooden cover is still very popular. It is sometimes really difficult to distinguish it from natural wood just by looking at it from the outside. And the possibility of installation of underfloor heating and large impact resistance tiles often makes them the leader in competition against wood. You don’t have to be afraid to lay this tile on the kitchen floor, in the living room and even the bedroom — the main thing to remember is that is has to have an electric heater. After all, ceramic is not the warmest material.

  1. Imitation marble

Marble is a material that will most likely never lose its relevance. But technology does not stand still, and technologies for production of ceramics can offer excellent imitations. The latitude of colors is a huge plus. And its price is much more affordable.

Tip: If you choose ceramic tiles that imitate natural marble –  lay them uniformly without decoration throughout the wall. And the larger the tiles and the fewer the seams – the better of you are. Marble looks great in bulk; do not forget about it.

  1. Resembling the natural stone

If the marble seems too deliberate, but you have a very strong desire for naturalness – we recommend that you choose the tiles with the imitation stone pattern. They often look a bit rough, although under certain conditions they will be a benefit to you. Such surfaces look great with white plumbing, crystal clear chrome-plated surfaces of faucets and mirrors.

Also, don’t forget about the remarkable quality of ceramics that imitate stone: they are almost always matte and have a pronounced relief, meaning they are virtually non-slip. It can be an indispensable property in those premises where there is contact with water and risk of slipping in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Tip: ceramic tile resembling stone is good for flooring the porch, hallway or other area that is in close proximity to the yard or garden. The stone looks even more natural there.

  1. “Leather” tile

If we are talking about ceramic tile, we must mention that here you can find different patterns that repeat the wonderful texture of the skin of different animals. Often these surfaces have a pronounced relief. It looks elegant, often even luxurious. If you prefer styles such as art deco, glamour, neoclassicism — this tile design is exactly what you need. In addition, you can compare ceramic tiles and tiles made from genuine leather. They will be significantly different in price and have different tactile sensations. Its cost and breadth of use of the spectrum can be attributed to the favor of the foremost- it can be used for floors and walls, as well as for kitchens and bathrooms. Genuine leather tile is not as functional, and is much more expensive. It is recommended for use on the walls in the living room or office.

  1. Floral sketches

This year, the flower patterns are not very popular. We can distinguish unobtrusive ornamental floral patterns and large panels depicting flora out of those that have achieved leading positions. In any case, don’t overuse floral motifs. Let them be one wall, or remain just a decorative item in a conspicuous place in the room.

  1. Graphic patterns

Tiles with a graphic ornament became one of hits of this year. They are complex and memorable. You can stare at these patterns for a long time. They do not bore and are not always immediately apparent to the eye. But the fact is that this has a certain charm and sophistication — and it’s for certain. If you are not afraid of innovations and experiments, then use of this kind of geometric motifs in the ceramic tile design.

  1. 3D effect

Pieces with 3d effect persistently win approval of buyers for several years already. As much as we love the traditional style, we cannot escape from modernity. The 3d effect in ceramics, whatever the pattern or ornament it passes on, always looks modern and relevant. You can use it with fashionable interior in order to emphasize the adherence to fashion trends. On the contrary, in a classic design you will create a bright contrast against which traditional things will look more canonical.

Tip: Tile with a pronounced 3d-effect should not be put on backsplash, because it can create additional difficulties when cleaning.

  1. Metallic tile

Ceramic tile with a metallic coating is perfect for small bathrooms. Its light reflective effect will help to visually enlarge the space. If you are not too happy with the size of the bathroom or just love the metallic luster — this design will suit you perfectly.

  1. Background mosaic

Several years earlier, mosaic wizards proved its phenomenal potential to the world. You can create color gradients, themed murals and other masterpieces from the mosaic. However, this year it is not as popular. The restraint of color combinations is in fashion. If you like a mosaic, then choose a calm color scheme, where a single sheet is combined from no more than 2-3 similar shades.

  1. Oriental motifs

Tiles, in which many colors, lines, patterns, and images are combined in geometrical order, also became a hit of the season. Sometimes, their design resembles a patchwork or the so-called “patchwork” creativity. Also, sometimes it resembles the motives of other countries, most of all – Oriental. If you like such patterns, use this tile for the design of backsplash, steps, floor. It is very colorful and requires a more calming environment. Thus, make sure not to overdo it with color.

It is possible to highlight the main trends by the method of laying the tiles: the use of tiles of different sizes of the same pattern, laying tile in brick style or in a French herringbone. Let’s look at each trend in more detail.

12. Use different-sized tiles

If different tile sizes with the same design are present in the collection of wallpapers that you like — feel free to invent the layout and mix the sizes. It is a trend to combine the different design in tiles of equal size. It looks very interesting and original. In addition, you can choose the putty seams in contrasting color and further emphasize the features of this layout.

13.  Make ceramics a part of the décor

Think about the tile not only as a wall coating, but also as a decoration. You do not have to lay it on the walls from the floor to the ceiling. Choose a cozy spot in the room and décor it with several ceramic tiles that are of relevant color palette. This is a very unconventional and memorable. In addition, you can choose the part of the room which is especially dirty – tiles, as we know, are very well cleaned and completely easy to care for.

Time does not stand still, and soon we will have new trends and fashions in ceramic tile. But you absolutely should not worry about it. The main thing is that your home has its own unique style. Be proud of it and don’t be afraid to realize your fantasies and make changes. The more, the better.