Extractor fan for the bathroom Advice for your bathroom

Extractor fan for the bathroom

There are no trifles when it comes to building a house or renovating a bathroom. The problem having to do with how the ventilation should be made – in the bathroom or in the house, is quite complex. But it is necessary to solve it if you have no desire to breathe the bad air and to deal with black spots of mold on the walls.

The bathroom is one of the wettest places in the house. After bathing, there’s a production of large quantities of steam in the air which, in the form of condensation, settles on all surfaces – ceilings, walls, mirrors, plumbing items, and furniture. If there is no properly working ventilation in the bathroom in a private house or apartment, the accumulated moisture begins to spoil the finishing of the bathroom and to contribute to the formation of unpleasant odors and mold formation. So the issue with installing an extractor fan in the bathroom needs to be a priority.

Natural ventilation

Generally, this type of ventilation is paid attention to at the stage of the project’s creation. In order to do this, the bathroom and other premises are provided with external ducts.

It is better plan air ducts vertically so that each air duct is used for one room. It is permitted to merge the extractor fan from the kitchen and sauna into a single exhaust, which also holds true in the case with the bathroom and toilet, provided that the premises are located on the same floor.

In the attic, it is permissible to combine extractor fans into a single conduit. But. if according to the building draft, the ventilated the rooms are located in different sides of the house, combining them in the attic is not recommended.

Since the system of natural ventilation for the bathroom is ineffective, internal air duct surface should be made as smooth as possible. It is recommended to avoid sharp turns and the formation of protrusions.

If the building is single-story one, the extractor fan is often mounted in the bathroom ceiling. In this case, the air leaves the room through the attic to the roof.

Forced ventilation

  1. When the extractor fan did not work in the bathroom on natural draft or its work is not effective.
  2. When previously working system of natural ventilation is out of order and its repair is not feasible.
  3. If you plan to install the steam generator or electro sauna in the bathroom. As a rule, the extractor fan should be put in the bathroom in this case. Bathroom extractor fans are produced in various models.

They differ in size and shape, but their principle is the same. The extractor fan consists of an electric fan and a piping system for venting.

About fans for bathrooms.

Which domestic fans for the bathroom do you purchase when you are installing ventilation? Typically, these models are able to remove 60 to 250 cubic meters of air per hour from premises. Modern extractor fans in the bathroom are equipped with automatics. They have motion sensors that enable the system to turn on only in case if there is someone in the room.

The humidity sensors are versatile and they detect the presence of water vapor in the air. If its quantity is increased, they turn the system on automatically. Sometimes, systems are equipped with timers that will allow you to set the operation time of the fan.

All of these devices provide for efficient use of energy.

An extractor fan with return valve is very convenient for the bathroom. The system that does not allow penetration into the ventilated air space from other rooms, which is important for high-rise buildings, as well as dust and debris from the street. As for operating noise of ventilation, you should not believe the advertising promises, because absolutely noiseless models do not currently exist. But modern extractor fans operate quietly enough not to cause frustration.

How do you install an extractor fan in the bathroom?

And so, the fan has been chosen and now you should install the extractor fan in the bathroom. It is not a difficult task. However, if a person has never dealt with construction and doesn’t know how to hold a screwdriver, then it is better to leave this job up to the professionals.

Typically, the extractor fan in the bathroom will be at the very top. It should be constructed near the ceiling. The position of the extractor fan for the bathroom should be in front of the door, but you should not plan it to be on the same wall with the doorway.

The correct location of the extractor fan for the bathroom increases its effectiveness, as the natural process of air circulation will help in its function.

Fan for the bathroom

The extractor fan for the bathroom is installed into the opening in the ceiling and fastened with special fasteners. A correctly installed fan is completely “drowned” in the doorway, with the ventilation grate visible only from the outside.

This element can have a different color and shape, so it will not spoil the interior. The fan must be connected to a power supply and it is recommended to install a separate switch to activate it,

Some owners connect the extractor fan for the bathroom to the same switch that turns on the lights, but that’s not always practical, so it is better to put in a switch with two buttons.

At the last stage of the installation, the fan is closed with the grille, which is fixed on the latches.


Thus, the installation of forced ventilation in the bathrooms helps solve the current problem of the ventilation of the space. Therefore, the key to establishing normal airflow in the room or bathroom is the organization of an effective ventilation system.

The use of modern automatic systems makes the extractor fans for a very comfortable use and helps rational the use of energy.