Meet a new Socimobel Estrella 40 inch bathroom vanity

 Socimobel Estrella 40 inch Luxury bathroom vanity


The bathroom is traditionally considered an important room in many homes, needs to be given special attention in terms of interior and design because any person spends quite a lot of time in the bathroom.


Nowadays the market for bathroom fixtures and furniture offers the widest choice. All offered products can be divided into two large groups. The first includes objects that are directly involved in plumbing and water supply themselves: toilets, baths, sinks, faucets, and showers. Secondly: special furniture for the bathroom is the bathroom vanities. At the same time, eyes run up looking at the variety of products offered of the bathroom furniture. When choosing units of bathroom furniture, for example, bathroom vanities that will be in a humid environment, there are a number of additional requirements. Therefore, it is better to give preference to well-known and well-established manufacturers.


First of all, the surface of the furniture must be water-repellent. If such a unit as a bathroom vanity is being purchased – you may pay attention to whether a manufacturer has a special producing technology. If a wooden piece is placed under the sink and every time of using the water will flow onto it – it will be very difficult to withstand such condition and retain the initial look of the vanity. However, there are some manufacturers that make vanities of the highest and luxury quality. Such as Socimobel – a well-known designer brand of bathroom furniture. It has its own approach and technologies that make their pieces long-lasting and reliable.


 ✔️  Meet a new Socimobel Estrella 40 inch luxury bathroom vanity model of one of the famous brands in bathroom furniture.
For the admirers of luxury and elegant look, we are happy to present a new model of bathroom vanity Estrella 40 inch, it is presented in two colors – gold and silver. If you like the traditional look that will transmit the wealthy and rich atmosphere of the apartment – this is a perfect choice for you. It is a high-quality luxurious bathroom unit that gives your bathroom a glamorous makeover. It comes with a glass brown countertop or ceramic sink that creates an eye-catching look. All hardware is included. This unit is perfect for minimalistic design with medium space. The vanity is produced with three spacious slow-closing drawers, each equipped with two gold-colored or silver handles. This creates convenient storage for all of your washroom necessities.


To order Socimobel Estrella vanity and also observe a wide collection of other brands all you need is to visit the New Bathroom Style online store and contact one of our highly qualified specialists. They will help you to evaluate the existing bathroom interior design, advice on taking all the necessary dimensions and help to make a decision based on your preferences. Bathroom units can be delivered directly to the customer or picked up from the showroom in Brooklyn, New York. We also ship all states.


Shopping and ordering with New Bathroom Style will give you an excellent experience in creating a bathroom where you will start every new day with a perfect mood. ☎️ (718) 412-3675 – Call Us Now

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