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Best bathroom vanities for small bathrooms

The right layout and furnishings can make the smallest room feel open and spacious. When working with a tiny bathroom, one of the areas to focus on is your vanity space.

Elegant Bathroom Vanities
For Small Bathroom

Well-proportioned bathroom vanities san save precious bathroom space while meeting your storage needs at the same time. If you’re looking for space-savvy bathroom vanities for small bathrooms, we have some great ideas to choose from.

Vanity cabinets with drawers

To get more usefulness out of cabinet space, opt for a vanity cabinet with wide, deep drawers. Since light colors create an illusion of space, choose a light-color cabinet with spacious drawers that will help you keep bathroom items organized and hidden. Plus, if you decide to relocate or renovate, the transport of delicate pieces is much easier when you have drawers you can pull out.

Blossom Vanity YORK 24 Inch Color Matte Grey Acrylic Sink
Blossom Vanity YORK 24 Inch Color Matte Grey Acrylic Sink

Open storage bathroom vanities

storage bathroom vanities

Open storage bathroom vanities

Open storage bathroom vanities offer a big style without taking over the room. If your bathroom feels cramped, it is crucial to make use of all the square footage you have. A clean-lined unit that has an open area below can help you free up floor space. Choose an open unit with a built-in towel rack to hide plumbing fixtures. If possible, install the vanity in a corner of your bathroom to get a few extra inches of space that usually go unused. An L-shape bathroom vanity that butts up against a wall is a perfect solution for small minimalist bathrooms. Combine it with a bowl-shape vessel sink and a corner-mount faucet to make more room for toiletries.

Classic pedestal sinks

This classic choice never goes out of style. Even if the sink is big, the slender base will make the unit appear smaller and the bathroom larger. Add a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror and extra shelves above the sink for safely storing bathroom items.
Wall-mount sinks
If you’re going for an open, airy look, a wall-mount sink that ’’floats’’ can help you achieve just that. Unlike a bulky vanity, a wall-mount sink doesn’t take up a lot of space. To make up for lost storage space, get some portable storage baskets and utilize the floor space below for storing towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom necessities you use on a regular basis.

Classic pedestal sinks
round vanity

Round bathroom vanities for tiny bathrooms

A round vanity is a great choice for small bathrooms, as it appears more delicate and petite in comparison to rectangular or square-shape vanity cabinets. Opt for a round sink to match the shape of the base and a wall-mount bathroom faucet to make enough room for a vessel.

Mirrored vanity cabinet doors

The best bathroom vanities for small bathrooms are those that combine beauty and practicality. A freestanding cabinet with mirrored cabinet doors offers plenty of storage space while its mirrors bounce light around the bathroom to visually expand the space.

Mirrored vanity

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