Ignis electric fireplaces with the burning flame effect


Ignis electric fireplaces with the burning flame effect

Electric fireplaces ignis for the home that has the burning flame effect represent safe devices that allow to heat the room and create a special cozy atmosphere. As the name implies, these electric fireplaces realistically simulate the burning effect of the flame and the release of the “smoke”. In addition to being completely safe, the only thing that distinguishes this flame from the real one is the absence of the sound of crackling firewood. However, manufacturers are working to implement this sound into their models of electric fireplaces for the home.

Electric fireplace for home

The basis of such devices is the heating element, the temperature of which is regulated by the thermostat. Different materials are used for the similarity between the flashes of flames and smoldering wood: in some models, it is silk scraps or foil, in others, it is LED bulbs or plastic parts, etc. On the outside, an electric ignis fireplace with a burning flame effect usually looks like a traditional wood-burning model.

A technical innovation in this area is electric fireplaces with the 3D fire effect, which is created by water tank which is built into the fireplace. It, in turn, throws the water mixture under pressure in the air. The three-dimensional effect of the fire is achieved when this slurry is sprayed over the fake wood, illuminated by hidden lamps.


Presently, you can buy electric ignis fireplace with the effect of the burning flame according to the following varieties, which differ in design, size and type:

  • Fireplaces-hearths with decorative portals – monumental structures that can be designed in any architectural style, from classic to hi-tech. Often, these portals are decorated with an imitation of stucco and occupy a lot of space.
  • Fireplaces-stoves – fireplaces that look like metal stoves, which are also made in different styles. Many of these “stoves” are not only heated but also nicely illuminate the room in the dark.
  • Compact variations of devices resembling baskets or boxes, which are designed for easy transporting of the fireplace from one room to another.
  • Recessed electric fireplaces are installed in the wall and are relatively not thick. The installation of these devices must be performed by an electrician.

Before you buy an electric ignis fireplace, you need to decide on the place in the room where it is going to be installed. If there is not enough free space, you will need to choose a wall, recessed model. Special attention should also be placed on the safety performance of the electric fireplace. It is indicated on its packaging.

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