DIY window maintenance for your home

Windows enhance any room by allowing in the sunlight and providing ventilation, but they can also be the source of expensive problems.  Windows that are neglected can allow weather, pests, and other problems into the home.

To prevent window problems from putting a damper on things, it is a good idea for homeowners to develop a regular maintenance schedule for their windows.  There is no need to call in a professional – window maintenance is easy if it is consistent.  Here are some great DIY window maintenance ideas suitable for any home.

How is sealing?

It is important to ensure that all windows are sealed and adequately protected from water damage.  Over the years, seals around the windows become less effective through natural wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements.  The seal around the windows is essential for preventing drafts and moisture from getting inside.  Use a good caulk around the window frame, especially outside.  A proper seal will end up saving the homeowner a significant amount of money on monthly heating and cooling bills.  Check the seals every year.

Are the windows weatherproofed?

In addition to making sure that the seals around the windows are up to par, it is a good idea to check the weather stripping as well.  Weatherstripping should be used around all moveable window parts and is helpful in keeping moisture, outside air, and pests outside.  Weatherstripping doesn’t need to be replaced often, but it should be checked for damage.

How are the window frames doing?

Something that many homeowners forget to check on a regular basis is the window frame itself.  The window frame is an important component because it is another barrier against moisture, pests, and outside air (almost every aspect of the window helps protect the inside of the home from these annoyances).  Is the window frame cracked or rotting?  Maintaining window frames means removing rotted areas, replacing or filling any holes and keeping the frame clean and free of mold.

Dealing with a broken window

When a window breaks, it can be a real pain.  Most homeowners don’t have a replacement pane just sitting in their garage or attic so an emergency repair is likely to be necessary.  As a temporary fix, a cracked windowpane can be quickly sealed with waterproof glazing tape, which is clear, so that visibility will not be impaired.  If the pane is completely smashed, use some heavy-gauge polythene to cover the damage until the replacement glass can be installed.

Decorating the windows

Proper window maintenance is essential, but taking care of the windows doesn’t have to be all hard work.  Keeping the windows looking nice is important as well.  Every year, give the window frames, inside and out, a quick coat of paint to keep the frames sealed, intact, and protected.  This will also keep them looking nice.  Installing white window shades or thick curtains can also help keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Outside the home, why not consider some decorative shutters to match the style of your home?