Different Types of Bathtubs

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Regardless of what material the bathtub is made of, it can last ten or more years. It all depends on how carefully it is used, and what care products you use. Therefore, the choice of a bathtub should be approached responsibly. Sure, the main object in your bathroom is a bathroom sink and vanities. However, look at the bathtubs too.

Different Types of Bathtubs For Your Bathroom

Cast iron bathtubs

Consider the features of bathtubs

Are cast iron bathtubs reliable?

The main advantage of cast iron baths is that they keep heat well enough. Water collected in such a bath retains its warmth for a long time.
The disadvantages include their weight.
It is believed that cast iron baths are a fairly high-quality product. Most cast iron bathtubs come with adjustable feet for easy installation. Cast iron baths are produced by both American and foreign companies.
Such bathtubs are greatly suitable with a vintage 24 in vanity. Installing a bathtub made of cast iron together with high quality bathroom vanities will add a great design taste to your style.

Acrylic bathtubs

Is it worth choosing steel bathtubs?

Technologically, steel baths are either welded from separate elements or made from a single piece of steel.
Such bathtubs are 4-5 times lighter than cast iron ones. They are also cheaper in cost than cast iron bathtubs.
The disadvantages include the fact that the collected water quickly cools down in such baths. Steel bathtubs make noise when water jets hit the bottom or walls of the bathtub. Usually, downstairs neighbors always hear in their apartment when you turn on the shower in your bath. Due to its weight, the steel bath is unstable and needs additional fixation.
For this, the bottom of the bathtub can be supported by pre-laid brick posts. The slots between the bottom and the posts are filled with polyurethane foam. This procedure should be done by loading the tub with heavy objects or filling it with water. In this case, when the foam cures, it will not be able to lift the bath. The gap between the adjacent wall and the top edge of the bath is filled with silicone sealant.


Acrylic bathtubs

How much does an acrylic bathtub weigh?

Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight. They usually weigh between 40 and 60 lbs. Acrylic baths keep the temperature of the collected water very well. Such bathtubs do not create noise under the streams of water pouring from the faucet.
You should be aware that scratches and chips that occur during operation are easy to repair. There are special kits for repairing acrylic bathtubs on sale. Minor scratches can be removed with zero sandpaper and a buffing roller. Acrylic is uniform throughout its thickness, so polishing scratches are usually not a problem.
Acrylic bath cannot withstand gasoline and solvents, you should be aware of this property of acrylic. Many people appreciate acrylic for its warmth. It’s not metal that feels colder to the touch, so acrylic feels warm and pleasant. Warm water cools very slowly in an acrylic bath. This is very convenient since you can get into such a bath immediately and do not wait until the bath warms up and fills with water.

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