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Designer Bathroom Vanities

Luxury Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking for cool ideas of vanities in your bathroom? What about extraordinary designer cabinetry or vanity? Today, we’ll talk about what are they, designer vanities, and how to choose a hidden gem among various offers on the market

Bathroom Vanities

What makes furnishing luxury? We can tell, it is not only being trendy or not just the name of the brand on the packaging. It is more than that.

"We decided to underline those features that distinguish luxury"

• High-quality materials including classic natural materials. First of all, it is hardwood but not just of any type. In such vanities, only luxury timber is used such as oak timber, rosewood timber, alder, etc. Besides, there are also modern types of vanities from steel, glass, MDF pannels.

• Unusual style or decorations. Despite the obvious functionality of the vanity it needs to be aesthetic to please its owner’s eye.

• Rich color palette. If you are not a fan of standard colors, it is a luxury vanity you need in your washroom.

Modern Bath Vanities

Talking about ideas, we need to enclose the question of what are modern vanities? Here, you have a wide choice of options as in modern interior design there are multiple directions from artsy classics to the laconic vanities that suit Japanese or Scandinavian design.

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Way of installation of the vanity

you need to choose

One more option you need to choose is the way of installation of your future vanity. Here, you have to choose between freestanding vanities and wall-mounted models. Each type has its own merits. Freestanding vanity is a good idea for a big bathroom. It can zone the space in addition to performing its main functions. Wall-mounted options are more compact and you can mount them in a place where the vanity will not take up any space.

Best Modern Vanities

We Offer

If you want to get a combo of all features of design luxury vanity t we are here to help you. New Bathroom Style Offer proposes you diverse collections of bathroom storage vanities created by designers from Europe. In our online showroom, you can find both double vanity or a single vanity. We have selected vanities of different styles, including trendy Provence style, Minimalism, Loft style, etc. In our store, we offer both compact vanities of 24' and gorgeous and solid models with the countertop of 80' or even 84'. We can say, we offer bathroom furnishings both for private houses and for commercial spaces, or luxury boutiques.

Vanities for Sale

We can definitely claim that high-quality bathroom cabinetry will not necessarily be expensive. We can prove it in our own example.
1. Even luxurious vanity can be affordable if you choose it in a compact size.
2. Discounts and sales are your best friends if you are intending to buy a designer vanity cheaply. For example, a 20% discount in-store from New Bathroom Style is a great option to save your money without quality losses.
3. Look for delivery options. To make your purchase less expensive, you can choose a company with cheap or even free shipping. We provide free shipping to any state that is why our customers save money.

European Vanities

Why do we choose European vanities to sell them in our store? The reason is they are always combining great design ideas and high-quality manufacture. In our store, you'll be sure that you get the best vanity ever.

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