Design ideas for small bathrooms

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Design ideas for small bathrooms

Apart from being functional spaces, bathrooms are meant to be our oasis where we can get some peace and quiet when we need to. It is easy to achieve both of the functions when you have large square footage at hand. But small bathrooms are a bit more difficult to design. One has to be skillful to incorporate all the necessary bathroom elements without making it too cluttered. Here are some smart design ideas for small bathrooms for you to consider if you are renovating yours.

Choose brighter colors

Brighter colors will open up the space however small it might be. If you are not fond of the plain white design, you can choose any lighter color scheme. Bold colors should be reserved for decorating your small bathroom, if you like them, of course.

Design ideas for small bathrooms

Be wise when picking a bathtub or a shower

Should you get a bathtub or a shower? The answer will depend on your habits and preferences. Whichever you opt for, make sure that it fits the space and does not occupy too much of it. A free-standing tub looks nice in a magazine, but you cannot afford to lose an inch of your floor space on something impractical. Some bathrooms are so small that you can’t even fit a regular tub in there. On the other hand, not all shower cabins are practical. Some are too massive or feature doors that would hit other elements when opened. The best design ideas for small bathrooms hinge on the notion that you need to think all of your decisions over in detail.

You can save a lot of space by installing a floating toilet

Many designers agree that a small living space has its benefits. One of them is that you simply have to be practical when furnishing them, so they are usually easier to clean and maintain. For instance, if you install a floating toilet in your small bathroom, you will make your cleaning routine so much easier, and the free floor space underneath the bowl will make the room appear bigger.

Go for smaller tiles

Massive tiles might look luxurious, but they are simply not a good choice for small bathrooms. The smaller ones will make space appear bigger and more proportionate.

Design ideas for small bathrooms


The best design ideas for small bathrooms need to include proper storage

The choice of vanity for a small bathroom is one of the most important design elements in your entire home. After getting a sink that has a nice balance with the rest of the room, it is time to find the perfect storage solution. In small bathrooms, the space beneath the sink is usually the best option for storage. Nice vanity is a cherry on top when it comes to bathroom design. Apart from having enough room for products and supplies that we just have to keep in the bathroom, a vanity should be a reflection of our style. For many designers, that is the starting point from which they continue to develop their design.

Don’t forget about lighting

Rooms that do not get natural light, which is the case with most small bathrooms, need to have proper lighting sorted out so that they don’t feel smaller and colder than they actually are. Multiple light sources are often the best option.

We hope you will find some of our design ideas for small bathrooms useful and try them the next time you are renovating!


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