Design Element Bathroom Vanities

DESIGN-ELEMENTStore New Bathroom Style specialize in crafting a complete line of bathroom vanities to the top industry standards, emphasizing design, quality, and functionality for our customers. Our bathroom vanity sets are professionally designed to reflect the industry’s leading trends, and are carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans.

While we understand and appreciate the value of a high-quality product, we also don’t believe that high quality should be exclusive. It’s easy to produce a good product given infinite budget and time, as it is to sell a low quality product for low prices. To design a quality, unique product that is still affordable for any homeowner is a much more difficult challenge, but it’s one that we are motivated to take on every day. Because, for us, it’s about the passion and pride of having our design sense and mechanical know-how being showcased in the homes of people just like us – practical people, who appreciate good design and quality, but who aren’t looking to pay extra cash for mere cachet.