Custom Mirror With Lights

Bathroom mirror is an essential element of the interior in any apartment, house, office & retail space, educational and social buildings. Such a product should be functional, practical, beautiful and durable.
LED lighted bathroom mirror can visually expand the space. Therefore, it is a “must-have” unit for small bathrooms. This piece of furniture can serve as a bright accent in the interior of the apartment. It often emphasizes the dignity of the finish.

Should I buy a LED bathroom mirror?

First of all, the mirror is used for applying makeup, creating hairstyles, brushing teeth, shaving and other necessary hygiene procedures. If mirror is large enough, then you can use for choosing an outfit. LED lighting makes the premise brighter, which will allow you to be confident in all the smallest details of your appearance.

Bathroom Led Mirror Cabinet-

Are custom bathroom mirrors?

In recent years, people prefer to buy standard size bathroom mirrors instead. There is no way to arrange a bathroom without a mirror. The presence of this piece of furniture is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a practical necessity. In addition to its direct purpose, the mirror is able, due to the reflected existing light, to make the room much brighter and visually enlarge it. The ability to order and buy a custom-made bathroom mirror will guarantee that:

• The mirror perfectly fits into the interior of the bathroom;
• The mirror will be made according to unique sketch, taking into account all your wishes and your not standard size;

What are the features of custom-made bathroom mirror?

Custom-made bathroom mirror is made of the best quality copper-free silver mirror with a thickness of 5 mm. With the help of automated cutting lines, the manufacturer is able produce units in a perfectly leveled rectangular shape. To reduce the risk of trauma caused by accidental hitting the mirror and increase its aesthetic qualities – the edges are polished, sanded or beveled.

Led medicine cabinet
Lexora Lugona 36 x 36 Inch LED Mirror
Miami Led Light

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What are the advantages of buying AQUADOM custom-made bathroom mirror?

In New Bathroom Style store, you have an opportunity to order a bathroom mirror from one of the most popular brands, AQUADOM, equipped with the following additional elements:

1. Your size mirror, width 15 Inch to 80 Inch hight 24 Inch to 40 Inch
2. Defogger – to prevent mirror blurring due to condensed water droplets
3. Dimmer – helps to adjust brightness of light
4. Ultra-slim aluminum frame – addition to you unique bathroom design
5. Light temperature can be set from 3000K to 6500K
6. ACRYLIGHT technology – ambiance lighting along the perimeter for soft calming glow
7. All products have 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

Custom Mirror With Light

Why to choose New Bathroom Style for buying a custom-made mirror?

By purchasing a custom-made bathroom mirror in our online-shop or in-store, you will get a number of advantages:
• New Bathroom Style has been working for more than ten years with leading brands
• Significant experience in supplying bathroom mirrors of any sizes, shapes and features
• Using only high-level materials and equipment
Choosing New Bathroom Style your custom order allows you to get a piece of furniture that fully meets the following requirements:
• resistance to moisture and temperature drops;
• compliance with the chosen style of room decoration;
• compliance with the dimensions of the wall surface allocated for installation.

You can order mirrors of any size and shape from us. Use all the benefits of cooperation with our company, which for many years has proven its responsible attitude to work. New Bathroom Style always meets and exceeds the expectations of customers.

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