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Cost To Replace Bathroom Vanity

Purchasing a bathroom vanity from New Bathroom Style means a professional approach. The selection of brands that we have in our store is a guarantee of reliability and affordable prices. If you are looking for a way to reduce the cost to replace bathroom vanity – you are in the right place.

Cost To Replace Bathroom Vanity
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“Different types of work that can be included in replacing a bathroom vanity”

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If you want to get a perfect result of a bathroom renovation without the hassle and worries, it is best to hire qualified plumbers and buy goods in a professional store. New Bathroom Style provides bathroom fixtures and accessories for the renovation of your bathroom. We also can recommend contractor services throughout on five boroughs of New York City. Call us right now at 718-412-3675 for a better deal for bathroom goods!

“Below are the approximate prices for different types of work that can be included in replacing a bathroom vanity”

Of a bathroom sink $200 – 250
Sink with vanity without a mirror $300-500
Installation of a sink with a vanity with mirror $500-800
Vessel sink installation $250 – $300

Disassembling old vanity:
Disassembling a vanity $250


What does the cost depend on?

The final cost for bathroom vanity replacement depends on the type of sink, the need for disassembling work, the need to install a faucet, and, for sure, on the size of the vanity. Also, our specialists can assist in purchasing the required materials for the installation process. In this case,  the total price for works will be higher. You may add costs according to the average prices for these materials in a hardware store.

Installing a new double bathroom vanity

Installing a bigger double unit can cost up to $1000 as the time needed for completing this task will also be longer. The installation process will include:
1. Assembling the cabinet units
2. Cutting plumbing holes
3. Placing the cabinets
4. Sealing and securing a vanity to the wall
5. Faucet and sink installation


Why can you entrust the bathroom vanity purchase in our store?

More than 10 years in the market of bathroom fixtures. Professional service with over 10 years of experience. We provide a manufacturer’s warranty for all products. At the request of the customer, we can line up the interior bathroom design and advice the most suitable furniture. New Bathroom Style – is your one-stop store for a bathroom renovation.

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