Cost Of Bathroom Renovation

standard size bathroom 5' x 9'

If you decide to entrust the repair in the bathroom to specialists, then before hiring them, you should have at least a rough estimate of how much all the materials plus the necessary equipment will cost and the price of the work itself. Then you will be able to more reasonably agree ( bargain ) the cost of repairs with the prospective contractor before concluding the appropriate contract.

Cost Of Bathroom Renovation

Before start, you need to clearly know what you want to have as a result of bathroom renovation and what is available at the moment.

Bathroom Upgrade

It is convenient to explain the mechanism for calculating the cost with a specific example. Let’s take a standard size bathroom 5′ x 9′
Suppose that before the renovation, your bathroom has a bathtub and 36 inch vanity with faucets, the floor and walls are tiled, and the ceiling is painted with moisture-resistant paint. The cold water supply and drain are stationary; there are the necessary shelves and one lamp. The condition of the bathtub and 36 inch vanity and tiles are no quite satisfactory.

Which do you need to change during the bathroom renovation?

the plumbing in your bathroom

After the renovation in the bathroom, you want to see – a new bathtub and new vanity for the bathroom with a sink, a new floor, and walls, which are covered with a beautiful set of modern tiles. You want to see a new ceiling with recessed lights, new ventilation, new hanging shelves. In this case, there should be a complete understanding that at the same time the pipes and the plumbing should be changed since you want to do the repair well and for a long time, plumbing change in one time in 20 – 30 years.

Your plan of the bathroom

Next, you should at least sketch out a plan of the bathroom, having previously measured it. The location of the bath, the bathroom vanity is drawn on the plan to scale. Then, a diagram of the supply of cold and hot water for supply to the bath, bathroom vanity, and shower (if available) is applied to the plan. Including all pipe bends, a diagram of draining water from the bathtub, sink into the sewer, as well as a wiring diagram to the location of the lamps and other elements of repair. It is necessary to decide what tiles and design the floor, walls, and ceiling will be made of.

You can draw a project according

You can draw a project according to the principle “from end to beginning”, first highlighting the key and fundamental points, and then working out the details of those elements in which you have finally decided. All this can be done in several different ways. Then you will know exactly what you want to have as a result of bathroom renovation.
Now, looking at the bathroom plan, you can calculate the required number of pipes, elements, and types of their joints, in the same way, the need for an electrical wire, junction boxes, and other electrical elements is pretending.

Further, in a similar way, the need for the amount of everything else that you put on the plan is calculated.


Small Modern Bathroom Ideas_

Is it cheap to buy bathroom goods online?

If we do not know the information about the prices, then without leaving our home we “shovel” the Internet. For a couple of evenings spent at the computer over a cup of tea, you will know all the market prices for the required materials and the cost of work. We would recommend for sure store New Bathroom Style as one of the affordable bathroom supply stores in Brooklyn, New York.
Having a drawn project and being guided by prices, it is possible to calculate the cost of repairs in the bathroom with an accuracy of 10 percent, taking into account the cost of work. You need too to take into account your location and borough for calculating your bathroom.
Medium-full bathroom renovation price in Brooklyn, NY size 5’x 9′ about $ 8-10K without.
Now it will be easier for you to communicate with the prospective contractors because you know exactly what your bathroom should be after renovation and how much such renovation should cost.

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