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Before you start choosing any furniture for your bathroom you must pay a close attention to the following questions:

1. How to maintain a spacious feel in a large bathroom?
2. How to expand the space in a small bathroom?
3. Where is the correct place to install storage cabinets?
4. How to properly combine dark and light colors in the room?


Your Bathroom

The bathroom is primarily about comfort and relaxation, and when it comes to furniture, practicality is key. With the help of furniture, you can visually expand a small room, using every centimeter of space with benefit. The range of bathroom units is wide – from small accessories to huge bathroom tubes, double bathroom vanities and shower enclosures.
If you succeed in organizing bathroom space and if you have enough budget to be more variable – you may choose more unique and cool bathroom vanities and furniture.

Storage space

Storage boxes and cabinets can be installed both above and below the sink, with two different cabinet types.
With the right color scheme, beautiful bathroom vanities mounted under the sink will blend in seamlessly with the existing style of the bathroom. As well as storing things like toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies. The top cabinet can be masked with a mirror on the front. That is called mirror medicine cabined. It can accommodate jars of creams, toothpaste and brushes, combs and other small items. Specialists recommend to choose cabinets only from European vanities brands.


Mix and match

Do not be afraid to combine traditional elements, and bring something new. For example, modern bathroom vanity is worth of paying a huge attention. This will reflect the individuality and your own sense of style. A variety of accessoies will help you create beauty and comfort. The furniture does not have to be from just one supplier. It can even be made from different materials! Of course, you shouldn’t get too carried away, but with some experimentation, you can end up creating a unique interior.

Light and dark bathroom vanity

Size is a big factor when choosing between light bathroom furniture and dark colored furniture. Small bathrooms and en-suites require more light and brightness to avoid the feeling of gloom and discomfort, as light colors can visually expand the space, while bathrooms with a lot of space can benefit from dark colors. Decorating the walls, floor and ceiling in light colors, as well as the right lighting, will help visually expand the space. Modern and cool bathroom vanities can be a perfect option for any kind of bathroom.
Light and pastel colors are the best choice for furniture in a small bathroom, complementing bright walls and natural light streams. One way to avoid gloom is to keep the darker shades away from each other. In other words, hang a dark cabinet on a light-colored wall.

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Practical bathroom furniture

Furniture should be not only beautiful, but also practical, since a bath is a place with high humidity. Furniture should be coated with a waterproof varnish.

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors fall more under the category of bathroom accessories and their arrangement can be made multifunctional. It can be small or full length; the larger the mirror, the wider the room will appear. The illumination of the room can be increased by mirrored or glossy surfaces such as mirror tiles or decorative mosaics.


So, where to buy best quality bathroom vanities?

No matter how many square feet there are in the bathroom, it is important to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for all family members. For this purpose you will need the best quality bathroom vanities.

A cabinet with sink

The design can be single or double. Sometimes a countertop becomes part of the sink, into which the sink is built-in. For the purpose of choosing the right and cool peace you need to find the best store.

New Bathroom Style

the best store.

New Bathroom Style shop can offer you a variety of different furniture for your tastes. In our store you can buy models in any style: classic, modern, "rural", ethnic, etc. A luxury vanity - solid ceramic or acrylic sink with a marble countertop, metal-mirrored medicine cabinet and a shiny faucets – all of these you can get with huge discounts in New Bathroom Style.

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