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Contemporary Bathroom IdeasRemodel bathroom ideas

Repairing an apartment or bathroom is not an easy task. This is unlikely anyone will deny. This is because it will be difficult for non-experienced people to implement specific ideas. Our experts tried to figure out misconceptions for people about the renovation bathroom. This applies mainly to the installation of plumbing and lighting

According to many people, the toilet bowl, bidet, and some other plumbing supplies must be installed on the floor. However, this has long ceased to be a trend. On sale, everyone can find a wall toilet and others. These are more than 100 models. Among the advantage of such options are compactness and ultra-modern design.

If people prefer functionality, they should choose a shower stall with transparent doors and a flat pallet. This is a good way of expanding the space visually. However, such an idea is not always feasible. Therefore, people have to look for other ideas and you need to consult with plumbing specialists.

bathroom ideas decorCorner Bathtub and Other Ideas

People who prefer a corner bathtub have free space for various accessories and furniture. In this case, you can install a big bathroom vanity. This also applies to mirrors, stands, and another. Layout with corner bathtub is associated with increased comfort. In the same way, you can install a freestanding or wall side cabinet. In most cases, it’s the opposite side. When you prefer a standard bath 5′ x 7′ this idea is unlikely to be implemented.

On our site, everyone can find more than 1000 bathroom vanities for different layouts. If people have a small bathroom, they can install a small cabinet in a niche. In this case, they have a lot of shelves for clothes and linens. People who write reviews confirm that this is the right way. You can use different niches for household chemicals, cosmetics, and other bathroom accessories.

small bathroom ideas on a budgetWhat Lighting to Choose for a Bathroom?

Even if you consulted an experienced designer and pick out the right design, you are unlikely to feel comfortable if the lamps in your bathroom are not installed correctly. During the restoration of the premises, you must be meticulous. This applies not only to pick out of lamps but also how it will be installed. If the lighting is awry, you will feel the atmosphere like in a cellar.

If you have chosen suspended ceilings, please note that the first step, in this case, is to install the lamps. People must pick out quantity and power. LED lamps are most suitable for a bathroom. In case you have low ceilings, you can use tile with lines and patterns. This is another way to visually enlarge a room.

It will be great if you install side lighting near the washbasin together with the LED mirror or medicine cabinet. Wall lights are always effective when you need to expand your space. In such an environment, it’s more comfortable to brush your teeth, shave, and apply makeup. An equally popular trend is the installation of lamps at the floor level. However, not everyone will choose this style.


Are you busy renovating the bathroom? Then you need the help of an experienced designer or contractor. This is because the renovating of the premises can be associated with various misconceptions. This is not only about choosing a specific design or installing plumbing. You must understand what lighting will be most suitable, in which zone you must install the sink. Our staff can answer all such questions. You can call today at 718-412-3675 or visit our store in Brooklyn, NY.

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