Colors of your bedroom, make your chose

Colors of bedroom according to occasions

Color plays a large role in the design of your bedroom. Even the ancient healers knew that the color of surrounding objects significantly affects the human body and can become the cause of serious psychological differences. Palmists confirm the assumption of existing ones.

The color represents electromagnetic radiation moving in space, and waves of different lengths that affect the human body. In choosing the design for your sleeping area remember that the colors are able to change your mood, your physical and emotional behavior, and even your sexuality.

The bride and groom can have a colorful bedroom. The sleeping area of spouses experienced. The approach must combine two to three colors maximum.
Spouses who have an intellectual work should sleep in a bed blue. The couple occupied by the manual work required to select the color green.

Those excited and looked to adultery, must sleep in a bedroom that combines at least two shades of color sand.

Partners ashamed and fearful of any experience should give preference to your emerald in the selection of bed linens. This color stirs the imagination and gives courage.

Couples who often compete must avoid the yellow color, orange and red, and give preference to dark shades of blue or yellow.

If partners lose their emotional connection, they can try to find it using the dark golden color in their bedroom.
People should avoid weight-rich orange color. This color causes hunger and driving them to eat before going to bed.

Partners who are bored need to decide on a purple bed linen, privacy will become more spiritual.

A tip for all: Avoid the brown color in the interior of your sleeping space, it accelerates the aging process.

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