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If you want to add a true touch of elegance to your bathroom then a colored glass sink is one of the best ways to do this. Glass sinks of various shapes and sizes are manufactured using the glass melting method. Color glass sinks are really eye-catching and will stand out as the focal point of a bathroom. For production, transparent, tinted, or frosted glass 12-15mm is used. Polymer paints are used for finishing. The cabinets are completed with sizes sinks 24 Inch, 32 Inch, 36 inch, 48″ and double sinks of 60 Inches. Glass sinks are designed for use in bathrooms, both as an item that performs its direct function and as a modern decorative element. It will not be difficult for you to find a glass vessel sink in our store that matches your existing décor. If you want to go to the next level of elegance in your bathroom then you can go for a custom color glass sink. These are particularly stunning and a great talking point. With a custom glass color sink you will have a real centerpiece for your bathroom that your visitors will admire and talk about. You can also get a glass bathroom sink in other colors such as blue, red, green, and a multitude of other shades. If you have a particular color scheme in your room then you should not find it too difficult to find a glass color sink that will match. If you can’t quite find the glass color sink your individual color, please call us we help you.

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Production technology
The production of glass for sinks takes place in a furnace at a very high temperature.
For the production of glass washbasins, glass 12-15mm, standard colorless glass, and diamond are used.
After manufacturing, it is possible to paint glass sinks with polymer paints according to the color scheme. Before painting the glass, it is mandatory to apply sandblast, after which drilling is done for the faucets. Standard tolerances from the edge to the bowl should not be less than 35mm (on three sides). The 4th side depends on the type of the faucet.
It is recommended to use standard faucets that are also used to complete all types of ceramic washbasins.
The glass sink panel must be finished. Faceting or milling on the surface of washbasins is not allowed.
Glass sinks are serial products produced according to the standard sizes, shapes, and prices indicated in the product list.

The cost of an individually made color glass sink depends on the complexity of the work.

Call our showroom to know the price: 718-412-3675.

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