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Where To Buy a Cheap Vanities For Sale?


Your Bathroom

Your bathroom… Is it so well equipped? Just recently it was enough to put a set of standard plumbing fixtures and mirrors. Now there is a huge number of products on the market that will make a bathroom functional, comfortable and very beautiful!

One of the most important items here is the bathroom vanity. Let’s consider how to choose it correctly and what to look for.


Cheap Vanities

Cheap bathroom vanities for sale: choosing tips
So, what factors need to be based on:
Installation type and configuration;

Let’s analyze in more details.  First of all, measure the space of the room where the cabinet will stand. Based on these indicators, we can consider the optimal dimensions of the furniture. The lineup is rich in size: manufacturers offer cabinets from 18×18 inches (width and depth) and up to the most spacious 84×24 inches.

So, if you are an owner of a miniature bathroom – a 24 inch small space vanity will be an excellent solution, and if there is enough space, choose larger models.


Important! When choosing the model of the cabinet, take into account the width and depth of the sink. When choosing a cabinet with a large number of shelves, take into account the internal arrangement so that the pipes coming from the wall so you do not make unnecessary cuttings.

Installation type and configuration

By the type of installation, the pedestals are divided into:

  • Floating vanities
  • Freestanding vanities.

Dowell Bathroom Vanity

Freestanding Vanity


Lexora Bathroom Vanity

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity


Wall Mount Vanity

The wall-mounted vanity is fixed at the desired height and does not come into a contact with the floor. This is a very convenient solution if a “warm floor” is installed in the apartment; the air circulates normally and does not interfere with the operation of the system. Such a unit is easy to care for, and moisture and unpleasant odors will be forgotten forever. It should be clarified that the installation of a hanging cabinet is possible only if the room has strong walls.

Another plus of the design is the convenience of tracking leaks: if an unpleasant situation suddenly arises, it will be identified immediately. These cabinets perfectly emphasize the design of the bathroom and make it more modern and bright.

Freestanding Vanity

The freestanding vanity is installed on legs or support stand. And in both cases, special installation is not needed: the legs of high-quality brands are reliable and stable, they can be made of metal or even plastic, and the pedestal with a supporting stand does not need to be adjusted and leveled (of course, unless you put something under the base in case of uneven floors).


Vanity Cabinets

A vanity cabinet only with legs is more practical, the under space is easy to clean, the air circulates well, and the main structure is always protected from the water in case of a flood. The support base is not so practical, but it is very simple to install, it is enough to assemble the box itself and put it in the right place. A significant disadvantage is tight contact with the floor, and therefore with moisture, because of this, the product can deteriorate faster.

floorstanding vanity

If you buy a floorstanding vanity, you should not worry whether it will withstand the load or not, floating vanity cabinet does not have such reliability.

According to the design features, all, even cheap bathroom vanities, are distinguished into:

  • Corner units
  • Rectangular units

Corner Vanity

Corner vanity is on the first place in terms of space saving – with the help of such a design, you can finally use the empty corner zone. If there is such a site in your room, it will not be superfluous to buy a corner cabinet. Rectangular cabinets are also convenient, a mirror can be placed above them, and the occupied space is used just as efficiently.

Manufacturing material

The following materials are used in the production of bathroom furniture: MDF, Chipboard, Metal, Wood Glass, Stone, Plastic, Acrylic, Marble, Ceramic.

Material Of Bathroom Vanity

MDF. This can be deciphered as follows: finely dispersed fraction of wood. Perhaps the most popular material used by manufacturers. In its production, special binders and paraffin are used, there are no harmful compounds here, hence the excellent environmental friendliness. The boards are coated with a coating that protects them from moisture and temperature extremes. The material is easy to process, so products can be of various shapes and designs. Therefore you will get quality and cheap bathroom vanity. 

Chipboard. Chipboard cabinets have the cheapest price; they are inferior in quality to MDF, although they are also covered with special finishing. The material is laminated (a special decorative layer is applied under the press), plates of various colors and textures are made from it. The moisture-repellent coating makes the material durable, but, unfortunately, not forever. Chipboard cabinets have the lowest price on the market.

Metal. Usually it is stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron. The material undergoes a thorough anti-corrosion treatment, high loads are not a problem for it, it does not react to moisture. It is used for decoration, producing legs for vanities and accessories.

Wood. Solid wood is suitable for facades, making them more sophisticated. The humidity in the bathroom is high, so the material is treated with moisture resistant compounds. Not every array is suitable here: beech, oak, linden, ash, etc.

Glass. As a rule, tempered glass is used for the manufacture of furniture, it gives the models a beautiful and expensive look. Colors of execution may be different! It should be understood that this is a fragile material, so careful maintenance and handling are required.     

Stone. This raw material is used for expensive models, most often such furniture is made custom. Marble is usually used for countertops and sink.

Plastic. You can find furniture made of plastic, but it usually does not last long, and it cannot boast of special strength. But there is still an advantage – water is not harmful for plastic at all.

 We understand that it is difficult to make the right choice on your own. Call us 718-412-3675, we know everything about the materials, we will advise and select the ideal model!


Before buying a vanity unit, it would be good to decide on the functional elements. So, what can be among the product features:

Laundry baskets. Agree, this is not only an interesting, but also a practical solution! Firstly, such an addition saves space in the room and protects against clutter, and secondly, it hides personal belongings from others;
Removable and stationary shelves. Here we can say that removable ones are still more convenient: when you are about to wash the cabinet, they can be easily pulled out drawers and doors.
Such performance is rare, but it takes place
Sink and countertop (can be included or optional).

Pay attention to the fittings, drawers and doors with closers, the convenience of built-in organizers, the material of the laundry basket, the adjustment of the legs, the material of the sink.


Bath vanity design

No matter how high-quality furniture is, it is very important to choose the right design – after all, we need to decorate the bathroom, not ruin it? That is why be sure to stick to the overall interior.

The most common shades of vanities under the sink are: white, beige, black, wenge, blue, natural wood, brown, etc. Furniture of bright colors, using stained glass technology and illumination, is also popular.

The decoration can be executed with carvings, patterns, patina … The surface can be either glossy or matte.

Little things

Little things that will help you when choosing:

  1. Light cabinets, made in a classic style, visually increase the area of ​​the room.
  2.  Oval and rounded facades will add originality to the interior.
  3.  To emphasize the room, choose a cabinet with sharp corners, mirrors, metal elements.
  4.  Curbstones with glass will look great in high-tech style.
  5. Legged stained glass models perfectly complement the sophisticated style.
Cheap Vanities For Sale

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