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Bathroom Supply Store

We’re a full-service bathroom supply store – without the hassle! Have you decided to redecorate & update the bathroom, but you don’t have the time for trips to the home improvement shops and other retail outlets – just come into New Bathroom Style, or order online! We carry everything you need for renovations, and we deal directly with manufacturers so you can get the best deal. We strive to offer you the best home improvement at a price point that can fit your budget and different ideas of bathroom ideas.

 All Your Bathroom Needs

In case if you are constructing a new apartment, house, or renovating an existing one, you will for sure visit our local bath renovation shop a few times. In a bathroom supply store, you will easily find everything you need for remodeling the bathroom and construction. The selection consists of bathroom accessories, furniture, plumbing, and much more. Look through the website departments to check what is available for purchase at our showroom in Brooklyn, New York.

Ceramic Tile 

The floor that you select for your washroom must be sturdy, durable, and above all, resistant to moisture, this is ceramic or porcelain tile. You might also be concerned with slips and falls in the bathroom, which makes buying your bathroom flooring from specialty bathroom retailers a good idea; store staff can always help you to choose the safest flooring option. Most of these specialty bathroom retailers present a wide collection of the most sought after bath flooring options, including tile, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, and others.

Bathroom vanities

It is never enough storage space for your home. Including the bathroom as well. Modern bath vanity – is a great investment for your home. It can be easily paid off when you decide to place your house or an apartment on the market. At retail outlets that sell furniture, you will see a large selection of luxury cabinets for the bathroom. Bathroom vanity – is a core unit of such collection. The types of vanity units can vary depending on material: pressed or solid wood is usually a cheap option. In New Bathroom Style (bathroom retail shop) you can also get a recommendation on the experienced installers/contractors that executed projects for the other clients too.

Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs

The abovementioned plumbing pieces are not just the necessary elements of every bathroom, but they can also add some beauty and style to your room too. You may select the optimal variant in terms of price and quality ratio. New Bathroom Style local bath supply store sells such elements in the most contemporary and modern styles, colors., finishes, and sizes.            

Bathroom Supply Store

Faucets and Showerheads

The products you select for your bathroom: shower doors, vanities, sink, cabinets, tiles, bathtub, shower panels. They are very important for the look of your apartment. It will be really paid off if you install solidly made and well-built accessories, furniture, faucets, towel warmers, and other fixtures. Our New Bathroom Showroom will offer you a great selection of products from high-quality European and American brands. Socimobel, Blossom, Dowell, Grohe – all of them gained respect and reputation in the bing industry. Generally, a good fixture, faucet, or furniture from a decent manufacturer should last for ten years longer. This makes searching for the best products through all the bathroom store departments a good idea.

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