How to Choose washlet toilet seat. Best washlet toilet seat


The most important thing – HYGIENE

When choosing toilet washlets you should pay attention to the main set of functions to maintain hygiene. A washlet toilet seat equipped with two removable metal nozzles, different modes of washing, two types of drying (warm air and infrared fan) and with an anti-bacterial coating is optimal for daily use.

Washlet toilet seat continuous warm water supply

Make sure that the warm water flows continuously through the nozzles of the toilet washlet. Hybrid-flow drive ensures high-pressure and a continuous supply of warm water to the nozzles.

  1. Shape of the cover and the size of the toilet.

Choose a washlet toilet seat that is most suitable for the size for your toilet. The existence of multiple types of toilet washlet toilet seat makes it easy to select a model that is perfectly suited to the bowl of your toilet.

  1. Comfort and safety.

The “AUTO” mode, child mode, the presence of night lighting, and intensive impulse pulsation (the enema) will provide extra comfort. Ultrasonic soldering protects the toilet washlet from moisture on the electronic components…

  1. Production experience and brand reputation.

Choose a reliable brand. A wide range of different models is the evidence of the rich history and experience of production, and the availability of products in different shops shows the popularity of buyers.

  1. Warranty and service.

Guarantee and the availability of its own service center is a sign of a reliable and verified company.

You can choose the right model by visiting our showroom in person. We are located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel: 718-412-3675.

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