Fleurco Best Shower Glass Protection


Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector

  • the only system of shower door glass protection on the market with more than 30 years of application experience. It has been repeatedly tested in different atmospheric conditions and the environment;
  • Conversion of the ordinary glass surface to the glass with «none-stick» properties, thanks to strong multimolecular chemical compounds.
  • wide applications: glass facades (glass lining), interior, glass and ceramic surfaces (both new and long-operated);
  • ease of use: manual and automated methods. They are both used before and after the installation of the glass surfaces;
  • the possibility of secondary processing of the surface area in case of mechanical damage;
  • environmentally friendly water-repellent coating with antibacterial properties.

Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector guarantees:

    • coating’s longevity for up to 10 years!
    • protection from corrosion and other impurities of glass and ceramics;
    • easy maintenance, which greatly saves time, effort and money;
    • the beautiful and respectable appearance of the protected surface;
    • protection from traces of concrete on the glass;
    • most reliable protection for showers from limescale and bacterial contamination;
  • the same degree of protection for both smooth and for rough surfaces.

For the Shower Cabin:

Fleurco Microtek Shower Door Glass Protector is effective for both showers and for baths because it resists the appearance of limescale. It is also confirmed to have hygienic properties. Its hydrophobic nano-coating ensures that (with a minimum effort) the glass for the bath and shower will remain as clean as it was on the day of its purchase.

The Benefits of Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector:

– Safe and easy to use

– The durable and uniform coating

– Resists stains and limescale

– Keeps the original look of the glass

– Prevents the growth of bacteria for better hygiene

– Saves time and effort meant for cleaning glass surfaces

Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector has been specially developed for the renovation, protection, and installation of both new and previously “used” glass.

Glass protected with Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector is:

  • Always easier to clean and keep clean
  • Stays clean longer
  • Resists staining and discoloration
  • Added value and higher profits for producers and processors of glass
  • Unique selling points to differentiate from competitors
  • A unique solution for the repair of an already installed glass

Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector – a general description:

  • A proprietary blend of polymer resins.
  • Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector’s chemical bonds form multi-molecular and durable protection of the surface of the glass.
  • Chemically inert or neutral to most substances.
  • Resistant to UV radiation.
  • Part of a complete system for renovation, protection, and maintenance of glass. Approved ISO 9001 / ISO 14001.


  • Modernization of interior and exterior glass surfaces. “Non-stick” is easy to care for. It is low maintenance glass with high resistance to stains and discoloration.
  • Resists adhesion of organic and inorganic pollutants.
  • Protects the surface of the glass against corrosion.
  • Makes the glass waterproof (hydrophobic).
  • Does not pollute the environment.
  • Makes the glass surface chemically inert towards most substances.
  • Resistant to organic and inorganic contaminants such as salts, cement, lime, silicone, exhaust gases, acid rain.


  • Interior and exterior glass in all types of buildings, marine vessels, vehicles.
  • In the factory or on site. Can be used on both new and already installed glass.
  • Applied by immersion or spraying with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment.
  • Not classified as dangerous for the health and safety of people and the environment. It is the only system on the market approved ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

You can purchase shower doors, tub doors and shower cabins with Fleurco Microtek Glass Protector by visiting our website at https://www.newbathroomstyle.com or by stopping by our showroom in person. We are located at 1973 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204. Tel: 718-412-3675