Best shower base | Which shower bases are best for the shower?

Which shower base is best for the shower?

Which shower bases are better: acrylic or steel, ceramic or cast iron? We will choose the material, shape, and size of the pallet, as well as think about the problems of the installation.

Acrylic shower bases.

This is the most common option. Acrylic has gained popularity as practical and easy to care for. And although its surface can be easily damaged, it can also be easily repaired. Despite the small thickness of the acrylic layer (it’s only 4-6 mm), these shower bases are quite durable: on the bottom side, they are often reinforced with fiberglass, metal or plastic. The design becomes quite light, which is a big advantage.

Steel shower bases.

This is the second most popular option. Bases made from enameled steel are good because they quickly warm up. But there is also a negative aspect to them – they “make noise” when you are pouring water on them. The thicker the product, the less pronounced this effect is. Therefore, when choosing a base, you should pay attention to the thickness of the steel.

Ceramic shower bases.

They are in the third place in popularity. These models are made of sanitary ware and sanitary porcelain. Their pros and cons are determined by the properties of the material: its durability, ease of care and, at the same time, its large mass and insufficient resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, ceramic is cold, and before you get out on the base you will have to warm it up with hot water.

Cast iron shower bases.

These models would be very popular, if not for their high price. Enameled bases made of cast iron, just like the sinks made from the same material, are very durable and practical. One more nuance is the large mass of products.