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A bathroom vanity is not just a piece of furniture, it is one of the key parts in decorating your toilette room.

Bathroom vanity complement and design concept

If you think that after entering the bathroom, the attention is attracted by the bathtub itself, the shower stall, or another element of the interior, then you are significantly mistaken. It is the bathroom cabinet that catches the eye first of all. Therefore, it is essential to choose a vanity for the bathroom that will faithfully fulfill its functions and look stylish, fit perfectly into the overall design concept, and complement it.

Selecting Bathroom Vanity by Size

The first option that you should pay attention to when choosing a vanity is its probable size. No matter to say, it depends on a few features.

– Your bathroom size. The more spacious the room is, the more oversized furniture you can afford. If the premise is too small, it can be a compact 24-inch bathroom vanity with a single sink. If there is enough space or it looks even too empty, you are welcome to install a substantial 48-inch vanity or even larger model. There is an opportunity to combine a dresser with a bathroom cabinet to get more space for different things to keep in such a case.

– Several people who live in your house and use the toilet. If you are decorating a premise for a lone person, installing a small bathroom vanity 18 Inches to 24 Inches is the right idea to place all bath procedures’ items. But for a big family, such a choice will be a bad idea.

– Your bathroom’s interior style. For modern designs that require laconic solutions, a compact dresser will be suitable. And in classic or extravagant design, furniture must be massive and solid.

Number of Sinks Also Matters!

Mounting Type or How Will Your Dresser Stand in a Bathroom?

It can be difficult to choose among the various models of dressing tables for the bathroom. But this criterion must be taken into account.

So what type of installation do you want to get?

– A freestanding bathroom vanity is suitable for spacious rooms where there is no need to save space. It can be made a part of the zoning. For example, it can separate the bath area from the area where you will change. At the same time, such a dressing table can be placed against the wall, if necessary.

– Wall mount vanities are more compact. They are fixed with a tabletop to the wall and allow you not to clutter up space.

Tabletop & Drawers

You can also choose your bathroom cabinet based on criteria such as the size of the countertop and the presence of drawers. If the countertop is not intended to store cosmetics or hygiene products, it can be narrow and save you space.

Drawers are also optional

If you do not have other storage areas for home textiles, cosmetics, and household chemicals, these can be organized by the presence of drawers in the vanity.

Luxury or Casual? That Is the Question!

The next feature we want to enclose is the choice between a luxury bathroom vanity or a standard, depersonalized one. And in this matter, we are definitely voting for luxury vanity! You do not want your interior to look dull, uninteresting, not reflecting your personality at all? And a dresser can tell about its owner as much as a choice of clothes or perfume. Many people refuse to buy luxury bathroom vanity because of their high price but in vain! Style and high quality can be affordable. For example, if you look at our discount in-store, you will see that the most extraordinary models can be yours! Specifically, our cool luxury vanities with a 25% discount in-store will cost as much as a standard vanity from the nearest bathroom store. But its look will be much more impressive. And it needs to be spoken that luxury vanities are always high-quality items.

What Are the Main Features of a High-Quality Bathroom Vanity?

What can confirm that you've chosen high-quality bathroom vanities? - The use of natural materials for its manufacture. Wood, stone, glass, metal are all used for the best quality bathroom vanities. - High-quality furniture fittings are also necessary. - Handicraft always ensures a quality higher than typical factory production. Our store contains just such high-quality and the best modern bathroom vanities. You can easily choose among them by one of the criteria underlined above or by style and your taste either. New Bathroom Style offers free shipping and the most reliable payment methods to make a purchase process comfortable for you. Get the best from this life and make your bathroom stylish and exceptional with our bathroom dressers.

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