Best Modern Bathroom Furniture – Italian and European Designer Brands

Bathroom furniture has been a successful design product by Italy over decades. It delights its many clients worldwide with consistently high quality and elegant style. While creating bathroom furniture, Italy focuses primarily on people with refined taste. It is for those who can appreciate the stunning live styles and colors with the latest design concepts.

italian bathroom design

Italian furniture was traditionally the standard of originality, elegance, and impeccable style. Thanks to the unique architectural solutions in bathroom furniture manufacturing, Italy can satisfy the most demanding customers. Modern Italian bathroom furniture is embodying even the most improbable ideas. The variety of textures, finish techniques endlessly expand the possibilities of interior design!

Italy has prepared sophisticated designs in warm walnut tones with intricate flowery patterns. It is for those who appreciate classic furniture. Italy has reserved practical and versatile bathroom furniture for fans of the modern interior. Also, a vast range of Italian furniture for the bathroom will make it easy to find furniture for your design project.

Italy is responsible for its quality!

Italian bathroom furniture is not only a perfect style, but also the highest quality product according to European and world standards. Bathroom furniture from Italy is famous for its resistance to high temperatures and high humidity levels. And therefore, it is highly durable and long-lasting. While creating furniture for the bathroom, Italian factories use a wide range of materials and different finishing methods.

The most popular raw materials are MDF/DT panels with primer and glossy enamel finishes. Also, it can be also plastic – comfortable and practical material with a variety of drawings and decorations. In the second place, wood is popular(teak, oak, zebrawood, wenge, iroko – types of wood that do not absorb moisture). It is treated with special oils, paints, waxes, and primers to make waterproof wood furniture. Italian luxury furniture can be made using artificial stone or glass.

Another advantage of bathroom furniture by Italy is its ergonomics. Due to the design characteristics, it will create a maximum of comfort. It will perfectly fit into any interior (from elegant country houses to modern city apartments), even in the minimal configuration. Italy cares about everyone by creating its bathroom furniture!

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