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Best Medicine Cabinets in 2022

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The mirror has long been one of the staple bathroom accessories. Its design can change frequently, but classic mirrors and mirror cabinets have been popular for a long time. Mirrored cabinets offer double benefits. This article will consider their features in detail, varieties, and best medicine cabinets models to buy in 2022.



For a bathroom, a mirror cabinet solves several functional tasks. The main ones are:

  • visual increase of the room space;
  • versatility and combination with any stylistic solutions;
  • budget option for decorating a bathroom

A mirror cabinet in the bathroom is one of the most common finishing elements. Mirrored facades hide objects placed in the cabinet from prying eyes, and at the same time, serve as a mirror. Please note that all artificial and natural light sources should be located to the side. This is necessary to avoid a blind spot with glare.

When choosing a unit, consider its grade and material of manufacture. The mounting hardware must be robust and of good quality to support the weight of the mirrors. Any polymers do not react well to heavy loads, so do not take plastic hardware and latches models.

The mirror cabinet in the bathroom can consist of one or more sections. It can be a mirror with a pencil case, shelves, or single quotes. A narrow ledge can be placed at the bottom, which serves instead of a vanity. They also install backlit cabinets. It is important to take care of the outlet and switch when doing this.

best lighted medicine cabinet 2022

Blossom Asta

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet With LED – amazing option from USA brand Blossom. Completed with three soft-touch switch buttons, built-In defogger, adjustable color temperature, and brightness. The LED light is also inside the cabinet, so you can better see the inner part. Also available: outlet and 2 USB ports and digital clock. The available sizes: 24 x 32″, 20 x 32″ and 30 x 32 inches Led Cabinet

You can order a custom size medicine cabinet

Your Name:
Your Phone:
Your Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Cabinet width:
+ -
+ -
Cabinet height:
+ -
+ -
Cabinet depth:
4" 6"
Frame finish color:
Silver Matte Black
Type of installation:
Recessed Surface Mount
Do you need LED Light on your medicine cabinet:
Yes No
Choose an option of door hinges (If you have a width cabinet of 15"-24")
Yes No
Left Side Right Side
LED light location type:
On the door edges
2" From the door edge
Changeable 3D LED Light (warm/cool/neutral):
Yes No
Yes No
Inner lighting:
Yes No
LED clock on the front:
Yes No
Yes No
Electric outlet with USB:
Yes No
6 Inch magnifier inside:
Yes No
Your notes:

AQUADOM “Signature Royale”

AQUADOM LED Medicine Cabinet “Signature Royale” – improved and modern great features were complemented to the Aquadom leader of the line of the medicines cabinet model “Signature Royale”. The unit is made of much tougher, stronger aluminum that is also scratch-resistant. The mirrors on the doors were also enlarged to an extensive 5mm thickness for long-lasting service and extraordinary design. All AQUADOM medicine cabinets can be wall-mounted or recessed with the side mirrors built-in with no additional price. The new SR model gives 3D, Triple Color Temperature Lighting (cool, light, and a mix of cool and warm light). Every light has a built-in dimmer on it. As a rule, the LED digital clock comes in the Signature Royale. The interior light is now amazing inline LED light. Of course, the Signature Royale model always comes with an automatic defogger, so the mirror does not get steamed in the shower and an interior electrical outlet and USB charging ports. The Signature Royale medicine cabinet is now available in a variety of different sizes: 36 x 30 Inch, 40 x 30Inch, 60 x 30 Inch, 24 x 40 Inch, 24 x 30 Inch, 36 x 40 Inch, 48 x 30 inches.

Blossom Sirius

Sirius Medicine Cabinet With Light – one more mirror cabinet version from Blossom considered as the best seller on the market. The characteristics include three soft-touch switches that make turning the LED ON and OFF effortless and straightforward, adjust brightness, and change color temperature. Built-in defogger signifies fog-free all the time. The moment you turn on the mirror, the defogger turns on automatically. Intelligence adjustable provides you with three levels of brightness options: 5%, 50%, 100%. Inside LED Light with the door-switch sensor. Digital Clock with Temperature display. 

Lexora brand

Model “Bracciano”. LED Medicine Cabinet With Defogger – luxury ultra-fine but infinitely designed, the exquisitely-styled “Bracciano” collection of medicine cabinets is the best addition to any modern bathroom. Much more than just a storing room that looks beautiful. They put together your morning procedures trouble-free. Each cabinet features robust defoggers and gentle but effective LED lighting so you enjoy crisp, clear reflections all day and night, whatever the humidity and temperature. An easy-to-read multifunctional display and touch buttons keep you informed and in command at every moment. Bracciano LED cabinets to come in single and double door versions, making them versatile enough for both a master and a guest bathroom. 

AQUADOM Royal Plus

Royal Plus Medicine Cabinet with lightat Aquadom, manufacturers strive to offer clients the best-LED medicine cabinets. With that said, we would like to present the ROYALE PLUS LED medicine cabinet – one of the market leaders. Produced from high-quality aluminum, which is rustproof. Equipped with cool temperature LED dimmable lights on the mirrored doors, attached by 155-degree soft close hinges and an interior electrical outlet on the inside of the cabinet. The ROYALE PLUS medicine cabinet can be recessed or surface mounted with the side mirrors included at no additional charge. This beautiful medicine cabinet is available in eight sizes and is a great addition to any bathroom in your home or rental property. The sizes are: 30 x 36″, 30 x 30″, 40 x 36″, 48 x 30″, 36 x 36″, 48 x 30″, 30 x 40 LED mirrored cabinet.


The materials for the manufacture of cabinets can be natural wood, MDF, plastic and metal. Natural oak or beech wood is carefully polished and varnished. If you do not apply a protective coating to the material, then over time it can deform and swell. In addition, the oak material may have an unpleasant sour odor. It is advisable to treat the surface with an antiseptic so that mold from moisture does not appear on it.

A plastic cabinet in the bathtub must be chosen from thick and high-quality plastic in order to withstand constant loads. Plastic does not need additional treatment with an antiseptic, since it does not deform from water and temperature extremes.

Metal products often play the role of framing. Cabinets with a mirror are crimped along the perimeter with a metal profile. Chrome or titanium plating gives the product a sophisticated look. For long-term use, the metal must be resistant to water.

MDF is one of the most popular materials for making bathroom mirrors. It is recommended to treat it with antiseptics so that mold process does not start.

The material of the mirror is also important to study. If you find out that the product contains aluminum, then soon it will turn black and deteriorate due to moisture and water ingress. We recommend choosing mirrors with traditional silver coating. They also produce frosted, tinted mirror cloths with a pattern.

You can buy any of the best-selling LED mirror cabinets with a shelf or lighting in our New York Showroom or order the nationwide delivery to any state of the USA. To do this, you just need to place and pay for the order on the New Bathroom Style website and confirm the purchase. The managers will contact you shortly. 

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