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Luxury Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom furniture market offers a wide selection of products today. All the offered products can be divided into two large groups. The first includes directly the main objects for every bathroom: toilets, bathtubs, sinks. Second, consists of unique furniture for the bathroom that helps to ensure comfort and storage order in the room. At the same time, the variety of the offered products dazzles the eyes. However, for goods that will be in a humid environment, there are several additional requirements. Therefore, when choosing furniture for the bathroom, it is better to preference well-known and well-established manufacturers. We can ensure that New Bathroom Style offers products only from reliable and quality brands from USA and Europe, including luxury bathroom vanities from Italy and Spain.

European bathroom vanities

First of all, you need to check whether the surface is water-repellent with the seller of the product. If you are purchasing a wall-mounted cabinet with a mirror or a bathroom vanity, you need to determine if it will tarnish due to exposure to moisture. Roughly speaking, there must be a specific warranty for the appearance of products and their use. Of course, if you place the product over the bathtub and every time you shower, water flows onto it, then no special treatment will withstand such an attitude. But, as a rule, manufacturers give several years of warranty for their products. European bathroom vanities from such brands as Socimobel and MIA Italia will ensure perfect quality and withstand the abovementioned conditions.

Modern bathroom vanity

Evenness of doors and shelves is also a sign of exemplary assembly and quality of goods. The fact that they will be rectangular is essential. However, it is also essential how the holes for the grooves on which they are placed will be made. The doors have another drawback – the curvature of the opening. Probably, everyone has come across a situation where the cabinet door seems to be sloping towards the bottom. Either this tells of low-quality fittings used during assembly or that the fastening screw is not fully tightened. To ensure that you will not encounter this issue, New Bathroom Style specialists recommend you choose modern bathroom vanities and cabinets with specially developed mechanisms of soft-closing doors and shelves.

Contemporary bathroom vanity

Since furniture items are intended for installation in a bathroom, this means that they must be designed for use in an aggressive environment (high humidity, temperature). Almost all furniture for this purpose is made of wood (treated with impregnation) or chipboard with a special coating. This means that the entire surface of the cabinet and all its parts must be protected from moisture. If this is not the case, then such furniture will not last long. Do not hesitate to check the quality of products. The term of their useful life directly depends on this.
New Bathroom Style will help create coziness in the bathroom.
This room combines several functions. Here we take a shower, wash our face before going to bed, and get up in the morning. However, dirty things, household chemicals are also stored here. In order not to spoil the appearance of the room, cabinets for the bathroom are needed. Of course, the choice largely depends on the area of this room. But even with its miniature size, in any case, it is possible to install at least a small wall cabinet, cozy bathroom vanity, or a medicine mirror.
Many get out of the situation differently. They place a vanity under the sink. And special pull-out trays are installed under the bathtub. They store washing powders, soap. And in the medicine cabinet – personal hygiene items, toothpaste, machine tools.
New Bathroom Style is open for walk-ins, and its managers are always ready to help you choose the best furniture suitable for your apartment or house.

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