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Why does a person need a bidet nowadays?

Not every bathroom can boast of a large area. And, many American families can only dream of space in it. That is why only the most necessary features are chosen for the bathroom, which, moreover, should be comfortable, compact and functional. This also applies to the bidet, the purpose of which is to wash the lower part of the body after using the toilet. You can buy it in our online store of bathroom furniture – New Bathroom Style. More details about this device will be discussed below. The article will help to understand whether it is necessary to install it in the bathroom and also give the best options where to buy the bidet.

Best Buy Bidet Toilet Seat

What is bidet and why do people need it in the bathroom?

The culture of using this device in USA is still not widespread enough. In fact, this hygienic shower is used in many countries of Western Europe, and in the Middle East and in some other Muslim countries, it is installed almost everywhere.

A classic bidet is a compact bath or a low-lying sink with a special built-in device that supplies warm water with a fountain. Why does a bidet in a toilet need no detailed explanation? It is usually placed next to the toilet as it is a decent replacement for toilet paper.

This device will keep your intimate area perfectly clean all day long.

But, unfortunately, the size of the toilet and bathroom does not always allow the installation of a classic bidet. Its dimensions barely allow to squeeze it along the toilet, bathtub and a bathroom vanity. There is a way out – the TOTO electronic bidet seat, which is offered in our online store. It is a multi-functional electronic bidet toilet cover from a Japanese brand made in USA. This device can rightfully be attributed to one of the constituent elements of the complex “smart home” system.

This modern bidet is extremely easy to use and has a number of additional features that will make your daily hygiene procedures comfortable and make your personal care much easier.

Why women need bidet?

The answer to the question of why women need bidets is obvious. Besides them, elderly family members, who, due to their age, find it difficult to use the bathroom or stand under the shower too often, can also use it. The same applies to people with disabilities, as well as those who suffer from hemorrhoids. Regular washing of the intimate area after each visit to the toilet is simply necessary for them. Moreover, the bidet can be safely used for the needs of the youngest family members, who have not yet sufficiently mastered the wisdom of simple self-care. Maintaining personal hygiene is a reason to buy a bidet. Let’s discuss their advantages and how to us it.  

What are the advantages of having a bidet at home?

The purpose of having a bidet at home is – to maintain the cleanliness of the intimate area after using the toilet. This device will become a real assistant for you in personal care. Its advantages are obvious:

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Long term of use;
  • Compactness;
  • Ease of use.

Main functionality features of the TOTO electric toilet seat offered in our catalogs are:

  • Soft-closing mechanism;
  • Heated seat;
  • Independent selection of the water supply mode and its temperature;
  • High-tech air deodorization system.

Not every apartment owner of an urban building can install one more additional earthenware device in his bathroom, so the reason why you need a bidet in the form of a bidet toilet seat is quite understandable. It is to save free space and thoroughly care for your lower body.

How to use a bidet toilet seat?

Learning how to use this high-tech Japanese gadget is not difficult at all. It is enough to program this “smart seat” once and use it after each visit to the toilet. You will definitely need to set the following parameters:

  • Supply water temperature;
  • The mode of its presentation;
  • Seat heating temperature.

Where to buy bidet toilet seat in New York?

It is possible to buy this bathroom unit in the following stores in New York area:

New Bathroom Style
Home Depot
Bed Bath and Beyond

Also it’s possible to order it from Amazon.

SW2044T20#01 C200 WASHLET
S1000-EW Swash 1000
Bio Bidet
Aura A7 Bidet Seat

New Bathroom Style

Online store New Bathroom Style means quality furniture with delivery to all states! Products the catalog: bidets, toilets, faucets, shower cabins, bathroom furniture, towel warmers, bathroom vanities and much more. You can buy a bidet with delivery to any location in the United States through the cart on the website or by phone! Classic bidets have an elegant look, strict lines and unpretentious colors; retro-variants can be either of a classical form or any other, their main “feature” is decor, it can be with a certain pattern; modern models are usually as laconic as possible, have interesting functions.

Recommended: if you decide to buy 2 devices, a toilet and a bidet, it is better to purchase them from the same series.

Bidet Home Depot

If to talk about the bio-bidet toilet seat – Home Depot store can offer you a wide range of products. It’s simple to select from. The bidet seat from Home Depot is a hygiene unit. Selecting a proper one means that you are really taking care about the family. For a better understanding of different styles and kinds of bidets – Home Depot specialist will provide you a competent consultation.

Bathroom style and bathroom furniture always rise a lot of questions about the selection of the bathroom vanity, shower doors, bathtub, faucets, etc. The significant question is about the plumbing are and its size. In big apartments and houses – everything is decidable by the customer. These types of project can often include up to four bathrooms equipped with variety of accessories and furniture. Usually, the most profitable solution is installing a toilet seat for every washroom, which is going to be frequently used by homeowners and guests.

Except Home Depot there are a lot of other popular stores, where you can buy the right item – New Bathroom Style. It is especially convenient if you are living in Brooklyn area of New York.

Bidet Toilet Seat Costco

Costco offers a great selection of products for your household: from grocery products to electronics and hardware. Bidet toilet seats are also represented in this store. The main advantages of this shop are cheap prices and frequent discounts.

Inexpensive bidet toilet seats can easily fulfill the hygiene requirements. But, for the best care, these units are supplied with a great variety of additional functions and useful features. When choosing a proper product, you have to keep in mind that there are always good products from American, European and Japanese manufacturers, but also cheap Chinese copies.  The best options are always somewhere in the middle. Also, it is obligatory to know that there are two kinds of toilet seats – round and elongate. This is really a significant issue when buying an electronic toilet seat. Competent support managers in Costco will easily help you in this matter.

In Costco, you can also get a professional help with a personal approach.

Lowe’s Bidet

Online store New Bathroom Style means quality furniture with delivery to all states! Products the catalog: bidets, toilets, faucets, shower cabins, bathroom furniture, towel warmers, bathroom vanities and much more. You can buy a bidet with delivery to any location in the United States through the cart on the website or by phone! Classic bidets have an elegant look, strict lines and unpretentious colors; retro-variants can be either of a classical form or any other, their main “feature” is decor, it can be with a certain pattern; modern models are usually as laconic as possible, have interesting functions.

Recommended: if you decide to buy 2 devices, a toilet and a bidet, it is better to purchase them from the same series.

Amazon Bidet Toilet Seat

It’s really easy and convenient to buy bidet unit via Amazon. The main advantage of doing so is a speed delivery time and quick order process.

The most technology-rich bidet models are even equipped with a “user identification” function, which implies the possibility of individual settings. Therefore, most buyers will have to choose the most suitable model for now, relying only on their intuition, the excellent reputation of the Amazon store and on detailed information about each of the toilet seats.

Sanitary technologies, which received a name of “washlet” or “bio-bidet” are designed to achieve three main goals:

  • conserving environmental resources, reducing water consumption for flushing and washing away, as well as eliminating the use of paper in the toilet;
  • saving the resources of enterprises by discontinuing the production of bowls for individual bidets;
  • freeing up space in the bathroom by combining the toilet and bidet into one object.
Best Bidet 2021

Bidet Bed Bath and Beyond

At Bed Bath and Beyond you will get undoubtedly high-class consultation and a wide range of products.

If you decide to buy a toilet bidet, then you should know what criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing this product:

– First of all, you need to look at the certificates and quality assurance. A reputable manufacturer is always ready to submit the required documents. After making a purchase, the customer receives a warranty card

– It is necessary to look at the design of the equipment. As you know, toilet bowls are of several types according to the installation method: floor-standing, corner, suspended. You need to choose a model taking into account what kind of installation will be done. It is recommended to buy a wall-hung bidet toilet as it takes up little space and is practical to use.

– The material of the device. Bidet toilets are now made of steel, earthenware, plastic, glass, porcelain, cast iron. The most demanded on the market are porcelain and earthenware models. They are of high quality, but, accordingly, they are expensive. These materials have a structure that does not absorb odors and repels dirt

– Flush system. To date, there have been created models of bidet toilets with vertical, horizontal and oblique systems:

The design of the cistern. It is recommended to buy separate tanks as they can be mounted at any height and are easy to use. There are double-sided cisterns with different buttons. The first portion holds 1 gallon and the second holds 2 gallons. An important feature is the silent operation of the tank.

Installing a bidet is similar to installing a toilet. In Overstock you can get a specialized help and they have a huge collection of bidet seats as well. But, if you don’t want to call the contractors, you can do it yourself.

First check the length of the water supply hoses. If they are too tight or do not reach the structure, secure the extension cords. Connect the drain to the sewer using a corrugated pipe. Mark the holes for the bidet. Check all hoses and drains, connect them to the drain. Install and secure the device.

The suspended structure cannot be installed without installation – a support frame in the wall. A bowl and communication nodes are attached to it. Sometimes the installation comes right in the kit, sometimes you have to buy it separately. Additional wall space is required for installation. It is better to install it before cosmetic repairs are made.

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