How To Choose Best Bathroom Vanity in 2021?

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Best Bathroom Vanity in 2021?

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Bathroom vanity – is a cornerstone piece for every bathroom. The design is not really accomplished without the vanity unit. Therefore, before your bathroom renovation you need to spend some time exploring the best choice according to your taste and needs. Nowadays, there are thousands of different types, styles, colors and brands of bathroom furniture. So you are free to choose anything to your preference. But at the same time, this wide choice can also be overwhelming.

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To help you handle all the alternative we are ready to give you some useful advice and answer the most popular questions:

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Dowell 36 Inch Bathroom Cabinet Matte Blue 031-36 0615 Gold Handle

best bathroom vanity

According to the rating of our frequent costumers and overall ratings from the internet, we surely can recommend the below mentioned models:


Blossom JENA 24 Inch Wall Mount-Bathroom Vanity Light Grey LED Strip Lights

Blossom JENA 24 Inch


Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity – best alternative if you have a small bathroom. Wall-mount construction can even give you more space below the vanity. Moreover, you can put supporting legs if you would like to make it more reliable.

Lexora Dukes 84 Inch Double Vanity Color Navy Blue White Carrara Marble Top

Lexora Dukes 84 Inch


Double Vanity – one of the most popular double sink model on the market. If your budget affords around 2650 dollars for the vanity and you have a spacious bathroom – this is you perfect choice. Elegant design and marble top will add the luxury feel to your apartment.


Blossom Milan 30 inch Briccole Oak Vanity - Medicine Cabinet 3

Blossom Milan 30 Inch


Bathroom Vanity – this vanity unit will be perfect for contemporary, loft designed home. Additionally you can buy a beautiful medicine cabinet that will turn your space into modern designed apartment.

Dowell 36 Inch Vanity Model 031 36 0115 Color Matt White Gold Handle

Dowell 36 Inch Vanity


Model – this luxurious vanity with gold colored handles looks perfectly if you like to make and expensive-look design but for affordable price. This piece is also not the smallest, so you should measure the space for 36 inch unit before installation.

DOWELL 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity With LED Color Matt White model 023 48 01

Dowell 48" 2 Sink Vanity


Double Bathroom Vanity – perfect decision if you were looking for a compact double sink vanity. LED lighted drawers create ultra-modern and luxurious look. But, nevertheless, price is more than affordable for a product of such quality.

Blossom 24 Inch Sydney Modern Bathroom Vanity Color Silver Grey

Blossom 24 Inch Sydney


Blossom Bathroom Vanity Sydney – the most popular series of vanities, Sydney that is sold in New Bathroom Style Store. Perfect combination of price and quality. Additionally, you can construct your own set adding side cabinets and mirrors to fit any bathroom.

Socimobel 24 Inch KRON Bathroom Vanity 3 Drawers Color Purple Gold Glass Sink

Kron 24" Bathroom Vanity


Socimobel Bathroom Vanity Collection – leading Eurpoean brand in bathroom furniture offers the most cutting-edge styles and designs on the market. Perfect quality and unique design for real admirers. Moreover, you can choose your personal print and make your bathroom vanity look like the only one of a kind.

How much does a bathroom vanity cost?

The price highly depends on the quality and size of the bathroom vanity. The brand is also significant parameter. The cheapest, low quality, small units can vary from $ 250 to $ 350. More reliable and worthy products start their price from $ 400 up to $ 1000. There you can find such brands as Blossom US, Elegant, Virtu USA, Dowell, etc. You are more likely to choose a single piece for this price. If you are concerned to buy really long-lasting furniture, with a unique design and even two sinks, you should be ready to spent more. The price for double vanities starts from $ 1100 and rises up to $ 3000, especially if you decide to add some Svarowski crystals to the handles or faucet. Any designer or unique design bathroom vanity will cost you starting from $ 1400.

Lugona 60 Inch x 32 Inch LED Mirror

Can a bathroom mirror be bigger than vanity?

Ideally, the mirror should be at one size with the vanity, but nevertheless it’s up to the homeowner. If the design fits – it is possible to implement different combinations

What is the standard size of bathroom vanity?

The most common sizes are 24, 32 and 36 inch. vanities for a single sink piece. Double sink bathroom vanity usually sold in 48, 60 and 72 inch sizes. What is the most popular bathroom vanity color? The most popular color is white. As it is well-known that the piece of white color can fit any design, tile and bathroom decorations.

Home Decorators Vanities

What is a vanity bathroom?

A vanity for bathroom (or bathroom vanity) – is a cabinet with a sink. The cabinet is often used to store toiletries, hygiene products and accessories. This kind of bathroom furniture assists to keep order in the room, provides additional storage and helps in creating specific style and atmosphere.

What material is best for bathroom cabinets?

All the bathroom furniture must sustain high humidity, possible scratches and shocks, weight of countertops/additional accessories and be long-lasting and easy-cleaning. The cheaper furniture the worse materials it has – it can discolor, warp and crack after some time. More expensive brands use best materials for bathroom conditions:

Solid plywood
Solid wood
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

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