Bathroom vanities and cabinets for sale


Choose Bathroom cabinets for sale of any style size and color in the New Bathroom Style Store. Create an ideal order and organization in your bathroom. Combine the use of limited space with the creation of a unique style. Bathroom cabinet for sale is a common choice for people who want to save money and give the bathroom a new look. A bathroom cabinet with built-in drawers and shelves with enough space to store your bathroom accessories is a great option that is easy to rearrange.

Gold Series Cloe Bellezza Made in Spain

Medicine cabinets, vanity cabinet, bathroom mirror, bathroom shelves, and wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are great for storing items at eye level. Shelves over the toilet is a great place to store towels and other accessories. As a result, they do not take up much space and save the room above the toilet. This allows you to use storage space, which is usually wasted.
Freestanding cabinets are especially suitable for bathrooms without cabinets or drawers for storage. They add versatility to the interior of your bathroom. Usually, freestanding cabinets, intended for sliding along a wall or neatly placed in a corner. The main material are wood species or reliable metal constructions. However, other durable materials are common too.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Bellizza Made in Spain

Floor standing vanities

Freestanding cabinets often come with shelves, drawers, vertical doors, or any of these combinations. They give you plenty of space for your extra towels, laundry detergents, washing powder, and paper towels.
For the purpose of combining the design and functionality, you can also choose wall-mounted cabinets or medical cabinets. You can put them above the sink or above the toilet. Wall-mounted cabinets provide you with extra storage space without occupying valuable space. It makes these cabinets an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms.

Modern Bathroom vanity

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