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Best Bathroom Cabinet 36"

The interior of a modern bathroom mustn’t be only functional but also stylish. Today this part of the house plays no less role than the bedroom or living room because it is the place where you can relax under the streams of a warm shower or lie in silence in the bathtub. And for all these procedures, you want to have at hand the maximum of necessary items (we mean cosmetics, towels, hygienic items, etc).
Especially for these purposes, furniture designers have created a functional, but at the same time pretty item that is a vanity in the bathroom. At New Bathroom Style we decided to tell you more about one of the varieties medium size 36 Inch of such furnishing that is called the bathroom cabinet.

36 Inch bathroom cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet at a Glance 36"

How do you imagine a standard bathroom vanity? As usual, it is a cabinet with a sink or stone top above. But for a big family, such furniture is not functional as there is no storage space. Unlike old models, a modern bathroom vanity can be as functional as the cabinet itself. Just adding to its design some lockers or drawers can change its functionality greatly.

Blossom LYON 36 Inch Color Matte White Bathroom Vanity
Dowell Vanity 36 Inch Model 005-36-01 Left Side Color Matte White Italian White Carrara Marble Top
Blossom Bathroom Vanity Sydney Series 36 inch in Espresso - 1616 Vessel-1
Transform Your Bathroom With Bathroom Sink Cabinets

What About Its Main Functions?

Vanities for the bathroom are not similar to the dressing table in your bedroom. Their functions are much more widespread. Thanks to the sink integrated into the tabletop, the vanity is used for morning tiding ups. You can also use it as a makeup table if necessary, place on it countertop cosmetics or just soap, foams, or a shower gel, leave on it your glasses or a book after taking a bath.

But no less important function is keeping all the bathroom stuff in order. What can be placed in vanity’s drawers?
• Fresh towels for a whole family.
• The stock of cosmetics.
• Some detergents and rags.
• Children’s bath toys.
• Some intimate items you need.
And for all these things you need to find a safe and  suitable place.

 What About 36-Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity?

We can definitely claim such a size to be the most required among our customers. And here are some reasons, why is it so.

• A 36-inch bathroom cabinet is of middle size. It doesn’t need much free space to be installed in the bathroom.
• But it is not also the smallest one so it can contain a big number of necessities.
• As usual, the 36-wide bathroom vanity is a good idea both for a small washroom and for a spacious one.
Both freestanding vanities and wall-mounted ones of this size have enough lockers or drawers and they can also be designed with round or square sink. If you need the most compact option, it can be designed as 36-inch floating vanity.

Dowell 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity Stone Grey 028-36-07 With Acrylic Sink
Lexora 36 Inch Jacques Bathroom Vanity Left Version Color Distressed Grey

36" Bath Vanity


Cabinet For Bathroom

Design Specifics            Vanities 36″

It seems outdated to use only white color in bathroom decoration. But it is still the most popular one. So in our stock, you can also find a white bathroom vanity that will look classical or modern. But we do not stop it! Here are really overwhelming colors you can choose in a New Bathroom Style store!
• Espresso bathroom vanity,
• Metal grey or matte grey,
• Gorgeous navy blue options,
• Wenge or other natural wood colors.
There is also the option to choose among solid-color vanities or among items with contrast details or countertop. Even similar by shape 36 x 21 bathroom vanity can look different in another color.
And here is good news for those who seek for a new vanity. Just appreciate our showroom discount! We offer a 25% discount pickup in-store with a free shipping combo! No need to lurk for the best option on the market. It is already here, in the New Bathroom Style.


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